Fred Colby and Herb Knoll

Working With Widowers

 Losing a loved one was not something new to Fred Colby. However, the death of his father and stepfather at a young age did not prepare Fred for the pain and emotional turmoil he suffered when his wife of 42 years, Theresa, died after a yearlong bout with uterine cancer. His therapist challenged him to put his grief and lessons-learned into words to help others going through the same hell-on-earth experience. Though he has extensive professional writing experience, Widower to Widower is his first book. For more information, go to

Widower to Widower: Surviving the End of Your Most Important Relationship
Fred Colby's first book blends blogs he wrote before, during and after his wife's passing, together with his research, observations, and experiences during the first year of grieving her loss. The book is in part a result of his frustration with the lack of other in-depth or quality materials available to help fellow widowers. His search for answers took him to group meetings, individual counseling sessions, writings by fellow widowers, and discussions resulting from happenstance meetings with fellow travelers on the grief journey.
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