Todd Van Beck

Keys to Service

    Todd Van Beck is a person who has had a half-century love affair with both funeral and cemetery service. He willingly admits that he is no “expert!” but also quickly admits that there is nothing about this work and life that he does not enjoy, and have intense interest in. Todd says: “I have never done a day’s work in my life, it has all been fun and interesting.” Todd has been an active writer and speaker internationally for many decades covering most every topic that is relevant to our profession. Mr. Van Beck grew up in Southwestern Iowa, and declared at the young age of 5 years old that he would become a funeral director when he grew up. He is still growing up, still learning, still trying to make some kind or worthy contribution to his beloved profession. Todd has operated funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuary colleges, and confesses that he has been a vagabond throughout his career, simply because he wanted to see the world. Todd is the Director of Continuing Education for the John A. Gupton College in Nashville, and his wife, Georgia, R.N., is a Clinical Director for Alive Hospice also in Nashville.


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