August 2020

Page B10 AUGUST 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on B Industry Welcomes a Funeral Supply Division to Expand Products and Services of St. Francis Cromo Carlos George Mark Pennington BURBANK,CA— Prin- cipals of the new divi- sion, Reliable Funeral Supply, are pleased to announce the establish- ment of a unique whole- sale marketing concept designed for funeral di- rectors whose long-term community leadership has earned them extra consideration. Acknowl- edging the shrinking base of available suppli- ers, Reliable seeks to pro- vide novel, new and dif- ferent products to the industry. Not a “me-too” company, Reliable provides innovative and unique products to the industry. To be the best, we research ideas and solutions from other indus- tries. To this end they frequently at- tend Italy ’ s Tan Expo and France’s Fu- neraire in Paris. They globally source for cost effectiveness, quality and sus- tainability. Reliable Funeral Supply at its core pledges minimum backorders, on-time delivery at the most aggressive discounting program funeral directors have yet to experience. Meet the players: Carlos George heads family-owned St. Francis Cro- mo, the leading supplier of imported prayer cards and fine religious goods from Cromo N. B. (Milan, Italy) and others. Carlos has long championed the inclusion of memorial cards to both en- hance the personalization of funerals and to continue the tradition of reli- gious significance. Over the 40-year history of his business, Carlos has seen the importance of personalization in comforting families, both secular and religious. Carlos acknowledges, “With the growing diversity of our country, we must provide images and symbols which resonate with different cultures helping to bring families and commu- nities into harmony. I choose to do this at the highest level of quality available, and that ’ s Cromo N.B. from Italy.” Re- liable is a natural extension of our fo- cus on providing high quality, specialty products to the industry. Mark Pennington, a 50-year veteran of the funeral/cemetery industry, pro- pelled Superior Funeral Supply and Halo International to the top of fu- neral industry suppliers. A familiar face at hundreds of conventions and trade shows, Mark has also attended numer- ous industry professional training pro- grams earning multiple certifications in- cluding cremation arranger, celebrant, crematory operator, certified cemetery and funeral executive. Mark’s consistent goal throughout his career has been to create ways to increase the success and profitability of the independent funeral director and to enhance the value of the funeral in our society. Mark concludes, “Carlos and I are from different sides of the country, from different backgrounds, and with different industry experience but we think alike. We want to keep funerals personal, meaningful and affordable for the families who seek a fitting clo- sure to the life of their loved one. At the same time, we believe in the dignity and professionalism of the independent funeral director. They deserve to main- tain their business with a focus on their families, not suppliers.” Pennington continues, “We believe Re- liable Funeral Supply can be a hassle-free road to helping progressive funeral direc- tors differentiate themselves from other firms, offering products and services that allow for personalization, flexibility, and ultimately greater prosperity. Because we ask questions, listen and get to know our customers, we’re a good sounding board for problem-solving and new ideas. Our ultimate goal is to make our industry and you look better.” Roberts & Downey announces Cathedral Style Chapel Set Cathedral Style Flower Pedestal Cathedral Style Large Baby Bier on orders placed in July. We will be con- tinuing that offer through the month of August,” he added. For over 33 years Rick and Elizabeth Rob- erts have been handcrafting and marketing exquisite quality chapel furniture, made in the prairies of central Illinois. They have traveled in excess of 2.15 million highway miles servicing the funeral trade since 1987. Look for availability and photos of the complete Cathedral Style Cha- pel Set in the coming months at ARGENTA,IL— Rob- erts & Downey Cha- pel Equipment is ex- cited to announce the all new Cathedral Style Chapel Set. The set is scheduled for re- lease in late summer or early fall. The Cathedral Style is the sixth all wood handcrafted chapel set designed by Roberts & Downey. The new “Ca- thedral Style” is designed with influence of Gothic architecture using buttresses on all the turnings and church wood designs on each upright panel. The Classic Design was introduced during the NFDA Convention at Salt Lake City In 1987. Later that year the Jamestown Colonial was introduced. The Provincial Design debuted in 1992 fol- lowed by Queen Anne in 1997 and Prairie Craftsman in 2005. “It’s been twenty years since we unveiled a new design. Due to COVID-19, virtu- ally all tradeshows were cancelled for this year. Without needing to travel, we were able to stay home and be creative,” said Rick Roberts. “Since we were not offering convention specials, we made available a 15 percent discount Eterneva celebrates re- markable people and pets by turning their ashes into diamonds. Eterneva has de- signed an intricate eight- month process to create these soulful remembranc- es, which is a journey that is as special as the diamond and the person behind it. Customers personalize dia- monds’ size, color, cut, and inscriptions, so they serve as meaningful connections to the loved ones behind it. From interactive video packaging to hand-written letters, to a courier service that hand-delivers the di- amond, customers expe- rience a level of thought- fulness they’ve never seen before. Eterneva is based in Austin, TX, and was recent- ly featured on Inc’s 30 under 30 list. To learn more, visit va and hear from custom- ers a t Eterneva reviews, and like Eterneva on Facebook. Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium has been serving the public since 1906 and is one of the old- est continually owned fam- ily funeral homes in New Hampshire. Phaneuf is the largest provider of funeral services in New Hampshire and Vermont and oper- ates five full-service funeral homes, three crematories, two non-denomination- al chapels and a cremation society. An award-winning establishment, in 2017 Phaneuf received the Cor- porate LiveWire Innova- tion & Excellence Global Award for its innovation in the way they conduct business and client-fo- cused leadership. In 2016, Phaneuf was named one of the Top Family Busi- nesses in New Hampshire by Business NH Magazine and was the recipient of the Achievement of Excel- lence award by the Gran- ite State Quality Council. Visit to learn more. Eterneva Partners with Phaneuf Continued from Page B8 I nv i tat i on s • ya r d s i gn s • pos t e r s s tamp e r s • S e at i ng Ch a r t s • T i ck e t s B u s i n e s s Ca r d s and Forms • l a b e l s P romot i ona l I t ems • Acc e s sor i e s 8570 Foxwood Ct, Youngstown, Ohio 44514 800-321-7479 Now offering a Personalized Memorial Line custom greet ing cards • funeral programs • memor i al inv i tat ions t-sh i rts • magnets • prayer cards • Canvas Pr ints • full color banners Members of the Funeral Industry Save 10% Every Day! 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