August 2020

Page A24 AUGUST 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A Order Direct at 1-800-782-8249 Free UPS Ground Shipping SEE THE NEW “FACES” OF RESTORATIVE ART PRACTICAL TRAINING ONLY AT PIMS!!!! Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science 5808 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206 412-362-8500 Be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube Channel: Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science: PIMS Rosier Embarks on Journey to Write about the Positive Side of Funeral Service Robbie Rosier LYONS,GA— Robbie Rosier was born on Christmas day. He shares a birthday not only with Jesus, but also with his Grandma. As an adult, Rosier worked in the correc- tional industry, rising to the role of warden of security in the largest prison in the state of Georgia. “I had a good career,” Rosier says. “I was settled, and I had no reason to ever desire to do anything else in life. But as I have since learned by talking to many other fu- and a detailed funeral had been planned out. The follow- ing days were bittersweet for Rosier. He preached at his grandmother’s funeral, memorializing her life from the pulpit that stood in front of family and friends. He rode in the procession to the cemetery and then conducted the committal service at the cemetery. However, during the whole process, Rosier intently watched every move- ment of every staff member of the funeral home, study- ing their part in his grandmother’s funeral service. He was intrigued and began asking questions and seeking in- formation about the funeral industry. “I wanted to know more about this profession... as my heart felt a calling to become a part of it that is almost unexplainable,” he says. It didn’t take long for Rosier to find the answers he wanted. Two weeks after his grandmother’s death, he was enrolled in Mortuary College at Ogeechee Technical Col- lege. In 2013, he graduated and became licensed as a Fu- neral Director and Embalmer. “My true interest in funeral service was the front of the house. I wanted to work one-on-one with families and walk them through the death process,” says Rosier. Since he had pastored bi-vocationally for almost seven years, he felt equipped to offer the comfort and understanding that families need during the raw emotional time after the loss of a loved one. Rosier soon realized the importance of embalming and the science side of funeral service. “I don’t care how com- forting a funeral professional is in the front of the house, if their loved one doesn’t look good in the casket, then you have lost that family. They will never remember how com- forting you were or how your words of encouragement helped them.” After walking families down the aisle for that first viewing of their loved one, Rosier focused on em- balming, cosmetics, dressing, and casketing in order to en- sure that families had a positive first-viewing experience. “I want to capture on paper the hearts of dedicated, loyal funeral professionals across America... I want to record and write about the unique and unexplainable ‘God’ stories.” neral directors, most of the time you do not choose fu- neral service as a career, but it chooses you.” In August of 2011, Rosi- er lost his grandmother. He assisted his family in plan- ning the funeral. He states that he will never forget her funeral arrangement con- ference. “It was complex but simple. It was brief but extremely thorough.” In just over an hour, his grandmother’s life had been summarized in an obituary Rosier worked for Ronnie L. Stewart Funeral Service from 2012 to 2014, when he became the co-owner of Stewart- Rosier Funeral Service, located in Vidalia, Lyons, and Glen- wood, GA. In 2019, he became the sole owner of Toombs County Funeral Home in Lyons, GA. Additionally, Rosier serves as the deputy coroner for the Counties of Toombs and Montgomery, and he serves on the Board of Advisors for the Funeral Service Program on the campus of Ogeechee Tech- nical College in Statesboro. He’s been involved in numerous civic organizations throughout these communities, as well. “In 2019, I was on vacation out of state when the fam- ily of a young murder victim chose my funeral home,” Rosier recounts. “Did I enjoy the rest of my vacation, or did I come home? Of course, I was on the next flight home.” Another time, he spent New Year’s Eve in his fu- neral home. It was December 31, 2018, and an individ- ual struggling with life committed suicide. The family wanted to come and see the body right then, so Rosier brought in the New Year with the family of the deceased so that they could be with their loved one. Funeral professionals make sacrifices like these every day. It’s just a way of life. Death is not planned and no matter when it hap- pens, funeral professionals are ready to respond. August 1, 2020 marks a new beginning for Rosier. Rosier is going to start a new journey that takes him to fu- neral homes and funeral ser- vice schools across America. He wants to visit a funer- al home in a larger city and one in a rural location in ev- ery state in the country. He wants to work alongside the staff in all areas, including re- movals, embalming, dressing, casketing, funerals, moving flowers, vacuuming floors, washing cars, cutting grass, and every other type of task involved in funeral service. “I want to capture on paper the hearts of dedicated, loy- al funeral professionals across America,” explains Rosi- er. “I want to hear firsthand and document the person- al sacrifices that are made to meet the needs of families who have lost a loved one. I want to experience and write about the service that funeral homes give to their individ- ual communities by being civically engaged. I want to re- cord and write about the unique and unexplainable ‘God’ stories that we all face in our business.” He adds, “I will capture these stories and include them in an incredibly positive book about the funeral industry across America.” His hopes are that the book will become a marketing tool for each individual funeral home fea- tured. Out of over 19,000 funeral homes in America, less than 100 will be included in the book. If you would like for your funeral home and staff to be included in this unique opportunity, email Robbie Rosier at L king For Go To Online Directories Updated Daily PO Box 5159 • Youngstown, Ohio 44514 • 800-321-7479 • Your Real Source. Anywhere. Anyt ime. a Funeral Home, Trade Service or Suppl ier on your Computer, Tablet or Cel l Phone?