January 2021

Page A30 JANUARY 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A Time may be only a moment so keep a memory Necklace Urn Pendants for an Everlasting Keepsake. Urns hold a portion of the cremains. Sterling Silver and Gold pieces in stock. orders or catalog : www.cremationkeepsakes.com cremationkeepsakes@comcast.net 877-303-3144 CREMATION KEEPSAKES 'TIS THE SEASON. . . To Give Back Your gift directly supports our mission of investing in people and programs to strengthen funeral service and lift up grieving communities. DONATE ONLINE: FuneralServiceFoundation.org News Association NFDA Launches Mercedes-Benz Incentive Program centives and other discounts available through the NFDA Discount Advan- tage Program is available online, www. nfda.org/discountadvantage. The NFDA Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Member Program is the second vehicle discount program offered to association members. Introduced last year, the GM Competitive Assistance Program offers members incentives up to $9,350 on Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac on vehicles for business use (the vehi- cle must be registered to the business). It also provides members with start-of- the-model-year pricing assurance, an extended powertrain warranty, priori- ty order on factory building and final dealer delivery. Information about the GM Competitive Assistance Program, including the incentives on 2021 mod- el-year vehicles, can be found online at www.nfda.org/gmcap. BROOKFIELD,WI— Members of the National Funeral Directors Asso- ciation (NFDA) who are in the market for a new personal vehicle or want to add to their rolling stock will want to explore the special incentives available through the association’s new exclusive Mercedes-Benz Member Program. The NFDA Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Member Program is the latest addi- tion to the NFDA Discount Advantage Program, which offers members exclu- sive discounts on a variety of everyday products and services such as prescrip- tion drugs, travel, computers, shipping, office supplies, and more. “We’re excited to expand the NFDA Discount Advantage Program with the Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Member Pro- gram,” said NFDA president R. Bryant Hightower Jr., CFSP. “A new vehicle is a significant expense. We hope the spe- cial incentives will help keep money in members’ wallets.” The NFDA Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Member Program offers a unique, per- sonalized, one-stop-shopping shop- ping experience on new vehicle sales and leases. Members can shop online for passenger cars, hearses and vans. A dedicated sales person will guide mem- bers every step of the way, outlining the incentives – ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 – and special warranty offers available. A white glove service will de- liver the vehicle to any address in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Puerto Rico. More information about the incen- tives available for Mercedes-Benz in- SPOKANE,WA— The Washington State Funeral Di- rectors Association (WSFDA) is speaking up and hav- ing a little fun in the process. While the WSFDA’s Mem- ber Talks podcasts aren’t new, they are gaining popularity and getting noticed. The Member Talks podcasts are a platform to share information with members and others in the profes- sion about what’s going on in Washington and around the world. It’s an unscripted, unplanned discussion and a way to introduce members to the world and to share their stories with WSFDA members. The WSFDA has been presenting Member Talks since last year around this time. Robert “Rob” H. Goff, CFSP, Ex- ecutive Director of the WSFDA, noticed that the organiza- tion’s YouTube account only had a couple of videos on it. He thought, “What’s the point? Let’s use this.” Rob went to the board with an idea to create a talk show using Zoom, back before every- one was using Zoom. They bought a micro- phone and a camera and that was the begin- ning of Member Talks. In September, Brian Waters of Un- dertaking the Podcast contacted Rob and helped put the Member Talks episodes into podcast format, an idea that Rob had already been toying with. Member Talks is current- ly available as a podcast, on YouTube, and on the WSFDA website. If you follow them on Insta- gram, Twitter, or Face- book, you’ll be reminded of new shows when they come out. Washington State Funeral Directors Association’s “Member Talks” is now available as a Podcast Robert “Rob” H. Goff The podcast is released ev- ery Tuesday at 10:00 am. It will appear on YouTube that Thursday. Rob will then post the show to the website at a later date. They are current- ly three weeks out on film- ing and are always searching for new topics and individu- als for the show. Who is featured? The short answer? Anyone who wants to talk about anything funeral re- lated can be onMember Talks. If the Board has a topic in mind, they may post on social media that they have an in- terest in doing a show on a particular subject in the hopes of hearing from their followers and members. They may also call and ask people to be on the show to get their ideas and view- points on different issues. In the end, though, the show is open to anyone from the receptionist to the in- tern and from the student to the own- er. “Anyone with funeral experience is welcome,” says Rob, “even outside the field.” The point of the show is to share ideas about the industry. This includes the viewpoints of the cler- gy, medical workers, and hospice aides. “It’s open to anyone who’s experienced loss,” Rob says. Continued on Page A32 Your Real Source. Anywhere. Anytime. 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