Elleanor Starks

Legends of Funeral Service

Whether  continuing  their  family’s legacy or taking a leap of faith into the  profession, these Legends have  become leaders through hard work and dedication to the Funeral  Service Industry. As managers, owners, role models and mentors, each of these individuals have an inspired and have used their talents to help others. Legends encourage creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and teamwork.

Elleanor Starks, CFSP-CCA, is the Founder and COO of 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc. The Nation's Premier Funeral Service Organization for Minority Women who have chosen funeral service as their Profession or Career. Elleanor is a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. She attended Gupton-Jones College as well as Kentucky State University and Xavier University. She spends half the year in Florida and the other six months in California. She is an avid writer, historian and researcher of African American Funeral Service History. She is an avid supporter of mentoring those new to the industry and honoring those who will or have left legacies within Funeral Service. It is her goal to furnish black funeral service history books for mortuary schools around the nation through collaborations, research and programming. Friend her on Facebook at 100 Black Women of Funeral Service or Elleanor Starks.

Email: 100BWFS@gmail.com  


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