November 2023

Page B17 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section B Scan this code with your smartphone’s camera to see all current inventory. Delivered in as little as five days! 1-800-334-2697 MYHEARSE.COM FROM OUR GARAGE TO YOUR DOOR IN AS LITTLE AS 5 DAYS MK Legacy Lincoln Hearse 2023 Platinum Phoenix Cadillac Hearse 2023 Platinum Phoenix Cadillac Hearse - 56,669 miles 2017 Dodge MK 300 Hearse 19,492 miles 2019 Platinum MasterCoach Cadillac 2023 Platinum Phoenix C Cadillac 2023 Platinum Phoenix C Cadillac 30,594 miles 2017 Subject to credit approval. Offer does not apply to 2024 models. AS LOW AS 4.99% Get as low as 4.99% on leasing in-stock new and reconditioned inventory. Or as low as 5.99% on financing a purchase of in-stock new or reconditioned inventory. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL INTEREST RATE! Flexible Financing Sources. We help you find the best deal to buy or lease. Robust Inventory and Responsive Delivery. The perfect vehicle delivered quickly. Fully Renewed Vehicles. Our team reconditions every pre-owned vehicle. 50 Years, 3rd Generation. Family owned and operated since 1969. YOU ASKED FOR IT. NOW IT'S HERE! Coming in 2024, get your Platinum or MK Cadillac limo with a trunk. Order today with Shields and be one of the first to get this exciting new upgrade.