November 2023

Page B14 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section B ADS Classified We are your DEath CAre INdustry Business Experts!!! Serving the Death Care Industry is in our Name New Listings • Multiple location firm with crematory and cemetery in Colorado • African American firm near Detroit, Michigan • Funeral Home with crematories in South Arizona • Multiple location firm in Northern Arkansas • Mid-Atlantic Region Mortuary Transport Business Listings • Northern IL African American firm • Burial Product: Pre-revenue Patented Product • Modern Funeral Home in Florida • African American Firm in North Carolina • 100 Call African American Firm in Illinois • 1200+ Call -3 locations with crematory South Florida • Northwest Oregon Funeral Home, 2 locations with crematory • West Central Indiana Funeral Home with 3 locations • 120 Call Firm in West Texas • Central Indiana 100 Call Funeral Home Under Contract • 65 Call Firm in Southern IL with 3 locations • 90 Call Firm in West Central Michigan • Small NW Indiana Funeral Home • California Cemetery Broker Coming Soon • Indiana Cemetery Business • Southern Indiana Funeral Home Thinking of selling? Contact The Decain Group for a complimentary valuation. 1-833-433-2246 5BNDJ Funl Busn For Sale Cont’d 5 Standard Funeral Service Mergers & Acquisitions is proud to announce its latest Indiana listing. This beautiful funeral home located in Northern Indiana is truly a once in a generation opportunity. The funeral home has a three year average of 425 families served per year. Gross sales are well over 2 million dollars per year, with over 4.5 million dollars in paid pre-plan inventory. The facilities and equipment are in immaculate condition, and include new rolling stock, an event center located on the property, and a crematory. The funeral home is fully staffed with four licensed funeral directors and support staff. This is truly a turn-key operation waiting for the next generation to lead this funeral home forward. Visit www. StandardFuneralService. com. Email info@ standardfuneralservice. com. 5N Funeral Business For Sale is continued on Page B16 Minnetonka, Minnesota (Home of Tonka Toys) Great Midwest family funeral home establishment is for sale for the first time since 1950. These 3 funeral chapels sit smack dab in the middle of the most sought after area to live and work in the entire state of Minnesota, just 15 miles west of Minneapolis on the shores of the beautiful and iconic Lake Minnetonka. Two of the chapels are across the street from this beautiful lake in an area referred to by many as the Malibu of the Midwest. This business averages between 325 to 350 first calls per year between the 3 chapels. 2 of the chapels have living quarters, one with 4,000 sq. ft. of living space. Staff who are some of the best in all of funeral service will stay to carry on this family tradition of excellent warm family provided funeral service to help any new ownership group. Centralized embalming facilities at the newest (1995) and most spacious location which also rents out space to a well known local trade service business where they perform their trade & embalming business. This is a self sustaining business and one which would be a great investment for all 3 of the potentially very profitable real estate locations. Serious offers only. For more information, please contact Paul Huber of Huber Funeral Homes for a tour and information of this Minnesota tradition. 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