November 2023

Page A5 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A Discover the Perfect Solution for I.D. Viewings and Private Farewells. Intuitively designed for witness and I.D. viewings and private farewells, the Chaise Bed Viewer along with a single use insert, provides families an economical option for final goodbyes. Copyright© 2023 Starmark. All rights reserved. Specific portions of Starmark products are covered by one or more U.S. patents. Additional patents pending. To learn more visit Contact us and Learn more today! Hinged Foot End The J-Channel Interior Rollerbed System Touch-Up Kits Chaise Bed Viewer® Select Adjustable Crepe Overlapping Shroud Interior Available in 24” and 27” Interior Widths (888) 366-7335 Cherry Mahogany Additional colors and finishes available. Pair with: Soften the look of feet beneath the shroud Foot Cover Rosetan or White Crepe Interior Includes Lid Chaise Bed Viewer Insert With Without Scan to watch an instructional video.