November 2023

Page B4 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section B 1-888-792-9315 • Scan QR for our website Cots not included MODEL # TR3 Triple Cot Roll-In Mortuary Cooler AMC N W FAST SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON SELECT PRODUCTS (800) 4-HEARSE Buy a complete Funeral Van or Convert your own Vehicle 2023 Platinum Cadillac Phoenix Hearse 2023 Platinum Cadillac Phoenix-C Hearse 2023 Platinum Cadillac MasterCoach Hearse 2023 Platinum Cadillac MasterCoach Hearse Proud Distributor of Lease a New 2023 Hearse and get a FREE Funeral Caddy Memorial Carrier Let’s Talk Turkey Big Sky Capital Partners Helps Funeral Industry Access Capital CHICAGO,IL— Bringing together more than 100 years of collective experience from both the real estate and deathcare industries, Big Sky Capital Partners (Big Sky) is the leading financier for sale-leaseback solutions dedicated to the funeral industry. As an established real estate firm solely focused on providing funeral home owners and operators with sale-leaseback options, Big Sky deploys its capital exclusively within the industry. With interest rates on the rise, and banks and and other traditional financial tools becoming more limited, the saleleaseback is used by many funeral home owners – including independent, regional, and national operators, independently or in concert with these traditional financing options – as part of their growth and succession planning strategy. Big Sky, with its deep understanding of the traditions, customs, and processes of the industry, designs personalized financing solutions specifically to support funeral professionals seeking to expand operations through acquisitions, refinance or restructure debt, or create a liquidity event through the sale of its real estate, while simultaneously entering into what it refers to as a ‘forever lease’, that is a mutually agreed upon long term lease. “Funeral home real estate is a distinctive asset class, especially since the property is often multi-generational and dedicated specifically to the funeral business operations,” says Big Sky co-founder Michael Crandall. “In order to be successful, it is critical to understand who you are helping, what value you provide, and how you can deliver on your promise. At Big Sky, we understand that those in the funeral home industry expect a certain level of knowledge, experience, and dedication. Big Sky is devoted to exceeding these, and all, expectations,” says Crondall. As part of its commitment to going above and beyond for the deathcare industry, Big Sky has entered into a strategic partnership with Sympathy Brands, combining decades of real estate, funeral home operating, and technology experience. Sympathy Brands has an extensive network of trusted partners in the funeral home and cemetery industries, as well as dedicated team members that serve as licensed funeral directors, death doulas, and end-of-life experts who regularly provide feedback on how to improve engagement and offerings to help support the industry. Big Sky Capital Partners works directly with owners and operators of funeral homes to help with liquidity and succession planning. They purchase real estate assets in locations and markets where demographic trends indicate a sustainable market. To learn more, visit Sympathy Brands is the parent company for,, eCondolence. com,, and others. The company mission is to support families and industry experts through all stages of end-of life matters™ with its trusted marketplace, leading technology and highly curated network of strategic partners. To learn more, visit NFDA Endorses Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group for Business Consultation and Succession Planning Services BROOKFIELD,WI— According to a 2023 survey of National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) members, nearly half (45.9%) plan to retire within the next five years; however, less than a quarter (23.7%) say they have a succession plan in place. Just under onethird (29.8%) were fully confident in their business’ ability to withstand a major disruption. To help association members grow their business, acquire their first funeral home or begin planning their exit strategy, NFDA has endorsed Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group to provide business consultation and succession planning services. “As funeral directors, our expertise lies in caring for families grieving the death of a loved one,” said NFDA President Jack Mitchell, CFSP, CCSP. “Thankfully, there are trusted experts like Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group who can provide the critical guidance we need to successfully run our businesses. Both companies have decades of experience helping funeral home owners build flourishing businesses and, when the time is right, begin the succession planning process. We’re thrilled to add these two fine organizations to our elite roster of Endorsed Provider Partners so that our members can get ahead – and stay ahead – of the curve in their business and build a legacy of which they can be proud.” As with all NFDA Endorsed Providers, Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group will offer exclusive benefits and perks to NFDA members, such as discounts on fees, complimentary registration to events and more. The suite of services available from Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group differ, and the teams that work at each organization have different skills and approaches to the unique challenges that funeral homes face. NFDA recommends having conversations with representatives from both companies to find the partner that will be the best fit for them, their aspirations and their business. “We could not be more excited to partner with NFDA and Johnson Consulting Group,” said Chris Cruger, CEO of Foresight. “Almost 50% of funeral home owners will be looking to transfer their business within the next five years and the great majority of owners do not have a plan. With a little bit of planning, the options expand considerably. In fact, we find that the difference between a well-planned exit and one that is not can be as much a 20%.” “I’m thrilled to be a part of NFDA’s initiative for successful succession with private funeral business ownership,” said Jake Johnson, President and CEO of the Johnson Consulting Group. “It is never too early to plan and with this new partnership, we can be there to provide this valuable benefit to the members when they’re needed most.” To learn more about NFDA’s Endorsed Provider Partnership with Foresight and Johnson Consulting Group – and to learn how to contact both organizations for an initial conversation – visit EndorsedProviders or call 800-228-6332. Sweet Goodbye Continued from Page B1 kits to market,” said Natalie Venosi, founder of Sweet Goodbye. “This win is only made possible thanks to the support and dedication of family, friends and staff who have helped bring such a long-held dream to market.” Sweet Goodbye offers a diverse product line of eco-friendly pet burial and cremation kits that have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate pets of all sizes, breeds and the personal preferences of their devoted pet parents. Sweet Goodbye’s cozy caskets with soft inner shrouds, biodegradable absorbent pad, and ergonomic outer cradle for lifting and carrying, providing a safe, snug and reliable means to bid a final goodbye to cherished pets. With uplifting colors, ceremonial elements and comforting processes, the patented farewell kits aid customers in finding closure and alleviating the emotional distress that accompanies pet loss. All products are made from natural, biodegradable materials designed as an innovative and functional solution for use during euthanasia or when a pet passes naturally, to provide a dignified farewell for burial or cremation. “The winners of the 2023 program are truly at the forefront of innovation as they work to revolutionize and strengthen an industry that revolves around beloved members of our family — our pets,” said Travis Grant, managing director of the Independent Innovation Awards. In addition to their product innovation, Sweet Goodbye has been established as a social enterprise. It’s a proud ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly business that adheres to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. All products are handcrafted with love by family businesses in Bali and Nepal with part of all proceeds shared with selected animal welfare charities. Beyond serving individual pet parents, the company also supports veterinarians and pet end-of-life care providers, including in-home euthanasia professionals, pet crematoriums, aquamation facilities and cemeteries, with the CARE CRADLE® product range, which features a detachable, reusable inner Pet Wrap. Thanks to the company’s dedication to excellence and vast service offering, evidenced by repeat buyers and consistent 5-star reviews, the future looks bright for Sweet Goodbye. Throughout 2023 and beyond, Sweet Goodbye intends to extend its presence in the United States and Australia. There are plans to soon launch in the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. Clients all over the world are genuinely seeking the products that the business offers, and the firm’s expert team is keen to ensure Continued on page B6