November 2023

Page A4 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A By Nancy Weil I wrote this poem many years ago for a newsletter and every November I pull it back out, re-read it and realize that the sentiments contained within it remain as valid today as the day I first wrote it. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It can change your brain health, shape your mood and produce positive results. Gratitude can be found in a beautiful sunset or in the majestic look of trees as they display their fall foliage before they drop off for the winter. The taste of a good meal, especially when shared with friends. A vacation, Random Musings Serving as Member Resources Director at the International Order of the Golden Rule, Nancy Weil brings her years of experience working in the funeral industry to funeral directors across the globe. Her professional experience includes serving as Director of Grief Support and Community Outreach at Veterans Funeral Care in Clearwater, FL and at eleven cemeteries in Western New York. Nancy travels throughout the country offering presentations on how to reduce stress, combat compassion fatigue and offer support for those who are grieving through her company, The Laugh Academy. With certifications as a Grief Services Provider and Grief Management Specialist, Funeral Celebrant, Soul Injury Ambassador and Laughter Leader, Nancy is uniquely qualified to bring new perspectives into how to best meet the needs of the families you serve. For more information on how Nancy can help you and your company grow, visit her website: or email Nancy@ FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Monthly Columnsonline at effort, but within the pain also lies moments of things to be grateful for. I have found that the practice of gratitude changes everything. By noticing things to be grateful for, things to be grateful for show up all day in all ways. Some people even keep a gratitude journal and list things that they are grateful for from that day. It doesn’t take much to be grateful except to pay attention and acknowledge those moments when they show up. So, in this month that has a day marked just for giving thanks, let us instead practice this attitude of gratitude each and every day. Thanks Living a new adventure, watching an enjoyable show on tv or getting a new gadget, gizmo or thingamajig. Perhaps you are looking forward to gathering family together once again for Thanksgiving and spend the day together. Working with people who have lost a loved one has shown me that even in the darkest of times there are still reasons to be grateful. It could be the support of family and friends. A phone call or note from someone reaching out to check on them. Some are grateful for the years they spent with the person they love. It may take some This month there is a special day That we call Thanksgiving. I propose we celebrate instead, A holiday called “Thanks Living.” Each day we find a reason To give thanks to God above. For every special moment, The people and things we love. It will change your life completely If you adopt this attitude. For everything looks better Seen through eyes of gratitude. So celebrate the special times And joys life sends you way. But remember that Thanks Living Comes each and every day. The author, David John Cook, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer with over 30 years experience. “An educational experience for ALL!” ~ Take the Journey Today ~ “I was hooked from the start! What a heart warming, tear jerking, insightful, vulnerable book!” - Kindle Customer * Amazon • Barnes & Noble • & MORE When someone calls, they get one of the staff members. “We don’t have an answering service,” says Amy. “We answer our own phones 24/7. They can even call our cell phones.” And while it’s difficult to have holidays, weekends, and even sleep interrupted, Amy says it’s worth it. “We have those relationships and value them.” Another factor to their success is that they have amazing employees that have been there for years. “They have a servant’s heart,” says Amy. “And that is huge. They’re all fantastic.” During 2020, Mike was the only funeral director and embalmer that they had. Since that time, Amy became a funeral director, and their middle daughter Madisyn has also gotten licensed as a funeral director/embalmer. They also have a young man, Matthew, that is dual licensed and an intricate part of the team. Charlotte is the office manager, and she is invaluable. “Our employees are our family,” says Amy. “Our community is our legacy.” For more information, visit Wilson-Little Funeral Home Continued from Page A2 “For me, there could be no professional opportunity greater than leveraging all my years of finance and business experience to play a role in helping to create systems as well as processes to enable the growth opportunity, not to mention working alongside a highperforming team that has been built for growth.” “We are fortunate to have built an organization that can attract top industry talent like Shannon so early in our company’s life cycle,” stated Andrews. “We are so proud to have her on the Anthem team helping us continue to build a world-class organization.” Anthem Partners is a privately-owned operator of cemeteries and funeral homes. Founded by a group of industry professionals and backed by long-term, patient investors, Anthem Partners is actively seeking opportunities to grow with like-minded professionals and firms who share their vision. To learn more, call 972-418-2908 or visit Anthem Partners Strengthens Executive Team Shannon Bischoff FRISCO,TX— Anthem Partners, a premier operator of funeral homes and cemeteries, is pleased to announce that Shannon Bischoff has joined the organization. Bischoff will be executive vice president of finance and a member of their executive leadership team. “Our company’s continued financial strength is essential to Anthem’s ability to deliver on our purpose and to create long-term value for all our stakeholders,” said Will Andrews, president of Anthem Partners - US. “Shannon brings with her deep financial experience, a track record of achievement, and true operational insights into funeral service. For these reasons, she is the perfect leader to take the helm of our finance organization and deliver a comprehensive strategic financial vision that will help drive Anthem’s future growth and success.” Bischoff has more than 25 years of finance and operational expertise in funeral service. She began her career at Keystone Group Holdings. Following the sale of Keystone, she transitioned into the role of director of accounting and support for Foundation Partners Group. Most recently, she was the vice president of operations at Pinnacle Funeral Service. Bischoff also is a founding member of the Death Care Collective, a group dedicated to fostering connections, strengthening relationships, and empowering women in the death care profession. At Anthem, Bischoff will be a key thought partner to the company’s executive leadership team while overseeing every aspect of the company’s financial management. “Anthem is a company that is unparalleled in its ambition to be the company where legacy lives,” said Bischoff. Save on Shipping! DIGITAL DIRECTORY Available Download instantly at