November 2023

Page A19 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A Known for quality materials and craftsmanship, Madelyn Co. Keepsake Pendants are hand-made using jewelry-grade metals. The opportunity to choose a Keepsake Pendant presents itself only once. The comfort a Keepsake Pendant offers, lasts a lifetime. e-mail 800-788-0807 Fax 608-752-3683 e-mail call about monthly specials or visit our website TM Keepsake Pendants July '22 FHC:Layout 1 6/2/22 1:18 PM Page 1 Selling your business is complex and you get only one shot to do it right. With JCG leading the way, you can expect the higher than highest value! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Jake Johnson Tom Johnson 480-556-8500 THE TOP 10 THINGS TO DO WHEN SELLING YOUR BUSINESS: 1. Call Johnson Consulting Group. (We’ll handle the other 9.) it’s technically the family’s responsibility to maintain the headstones, oftentimes they move or pass away and no one’s left to care for the monuments. “We’re an active cemetery,” says Ganesh. “From a marketing perspective, why would someone purchase a space here if it looks unkempt?” The first year, they fixed 300 headstones and followed up the next year with another 300. Volunteers cleaned the stones. In just 5 years over 8,000 monuments have been reset and over 20,000 have been cleaned. The Monument Restoration project involved $500,000 of private and public funds. Much of the work was done by Curt Heisinger. “The price he offered, and quality of work enabled us to do more than we could have done if we had not hired him,” says Ganesh. The road work involved a lot of curbs, fixing gutters, resurfacing asphalt roads, and milling and overlay so the road holds up to driving. The city invested $732,000 to fix the roads in 2023. Woodland gladly welcomes the public as visitors. Offerings include three tours: Woodland Historic Tour; Civil War Tour; and the Notable Women of Early Des Moines. “In history, there’s usually a man’s name. Here are these women who are part of this cemetery and have a significant role in Des Moines’ history,” Ganesh points out. The cemetery also has over 125 QR codes for cemetery walkers to scan with smartphones to learn about the history – this is unique technology to this scale that only a few cemeteries have nationally. The cemetery’s recent 175th celebration was attended by more than 600 people. The gates were closed to traffic for the walk-thru event and mini tours were offered throughout the day. Between sixty Woodland Cemetery 175 Years Continued from Page A18 and seventy volunteers, including guides and historians dressed in period clothing, told the stories of those buried at Woodlawn. Wade Fowler, nationally known with more than a million followers on social media, was there restoring monuments. An old fire truck was positioned by the grave of the first firefighter killed on duty. One of the first electric cars ever invented was shown beside a brand-new electric vehicle, showcasing how far we’ve come. Attendees learned that as our ancestors migrated west infants were lost due to cholera and other diseases resulting in over 500 infants being buried at Baby Hill. Attendees also learned the purpose of the City ReContinued on page A21 SEND US YOUR NEWS! FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS