November 2023

Page A17 november 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A Promo Code 9309 Even after they have gone, Keepsakes are a great way to help families feel connected this holiday season. the light remains. “We at Flanner Buchanan were proud to be part of the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day by having employees involved and by providing a gift bag of Mexican goodies that was raffled off as part of the festivities,” said Bruce W. Buchanan, fourth generation owner of Flanner Buchanan. Then on Saturday, September 23rd, a new Indiana state historical marker that commemorates award-winning writer, longtime New Yorker correspondent, and women’s movement pioneer Janet Flanner was dedicated. The new marker, which was spearheaded by Bruce and Flanner Buchanan, is located in front of the Flanner’s former home at 4061 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis. The marker examines Flanner’s career and her contributions to journalism and the women’s rights movement. According to Bruce, “Janet died almost fifty years ago, but I still hear from people about the impact she had as a writer and astute observer of history. She has become a cult figure locally because of her iconic personality and the ground-breaking style she developed as a journalist. She was a force in the arts community in Europe and the United States during her long career. The Flanner name was established in Indianapolis by her father, Frank W. Flanner, who started our family’s funeral business, Flanner Buchanan, in 1881. It’s now one of the state’s oldest family-run businesses. Living in Paris, Janet became a stranger to Indianapolis, but she never lost her Hoosier sensibilities. This marker is well deserved.” Flanner Buchanan is the flagship company of the Buchanan Group, based in Indianapolis, IN. In addition, the companies include Buchanan Group Management Services, Legacy Cremation and Funeral Services, Lavenia & Summers Home for Funerals, Fewell Monument, Washington Park Cemetery Association, and Private Label Caskets. New Report Analyzes Funeral and Cremation Industry Trends and Statistical Data BAY SHORE,NY— Sundale Research is excited to announce the release of its 2023 State of the Industry report, “Funeral and Cremation Services and Supplies in the U.S.” The 18th edition of their Funeral and Cremation Services and Supplies Industry report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts to help plan, and objective analysis. The report, published in September, features historical, current, and future trends covering the 2005-2027 period. It is an essential resource for the funeral and cremation industry covering the most important trends for the busy executive, including detailed data on revenues and establishments; death, burial, and cremation rates; shipments of burial caskets and coffins; sales of cremation urns; pricing trends; and expenditures by demographic groups. Utilizing various sources and primary research, the report also analyzes new developments shaping the industry, such as the soaring popularity of cremations, personalization trends, pet funerals and cremations, and the impact of COVID-19. Sundale Research, based in Bay Shore, NY, has been closely following industry trends, forecasting data, and writing State of the Industry reports for more than 25 years. They dedicate a small team of analysts to a related group of reports to ensure the most accurate statistics, forecasts, and analysis to help people make the best business decisions. Their State of the Industry reports are intended to save people time and money while providing the most accurate information about your industry. Because their analysts are focused on a core group of studies, they can efficiently produce reports and pass the savings along to people. This also results in a deep knowledge base that is continually growing. Visit https://sundaleresearch. com/service-industries/stateof-the-industry-funeral-andcremation-services-and-supplies-in-the-u-s/ for more information. Flanner Buchanan Keeps Busy Jessica Pina (L), and Lily Alcala (R), are shown with the Mexican-themed gift basket Carlos Figueroa, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (left) is shown with the winner of the Mexican-themed gift basket Bruce W. Buchanan (L) and his cousin John Flanner Monhoff (R) taking the veil off of the marker INDIANAPOLIS,IN— Flanner Buchanan has remained busy with Mexico’s Independence Day and the dedication of Janet Flanner’s State Historical Marker. Indianapolis-based Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers was pleased to be part of a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day on Friday, September 15th at Garfield Park in Indianapolis. The event, sponsored by the Mexico Consulate of Indianapolis, featured food, crafts, music and a raffle gift basket provided by Flanner Buchanan.