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Page A22 September 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A Phone: 877-770-TIES (8437) Fax: 276-466-3474 E-mail: STYLISH MATCHING TIES FOR PROFESSIONALS Any Size Group or Organization ly after his death, Floyd D. Carson of the George C. Carson & Son Funeral Home in Independence was informed of the death. The Carson Funeral Home had been alerted in the spring of 1963 that they would be serving the Truman family. The Carson family had buried other relatives in the Truman family and were longtime family friends. The Truman family selected a 720 Marsellus solid African mahogany urn design with a provincial finish and a blue velvet interior casket for the president’s funeral and a waterproof burial vault from Gray Bros. Concrete Products of Kansas City. President Truman would lie in state at the Truman library, where the funeral and burial would take place on Thursday, December 28th. At the Carson Funeral Home, the remains of the president were embalmed, dressed and casketed, and placed in state in the funeral home chapel, where the Truman family held a private family viewing. Interestingly when Truman died, the Carson Funeral Home had several other funerals going on, but it was understood by Secret Service orders that the funeral home would be cleared of all other services when Truman died. Each of the families affected were gracious and understood, and the calls were taken to area churches and to the branch location of Carson’s. Truman himself had approved the plans for his funeral, after which, Truman was quoted as saying, “It looks like a damn fine show. I just hate that I’m not going to be around to see it.” On Wednesday at 1:00 PM, the remains were removed and transferred from the funeral home to the Truman library, and the procession passed by the Truman family home on Delaware Street. Upon arriving at the Truman Library, the casket was By Todd Van Beck Franklin D. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. Within hours, his vice president Harry S. Truman was sworn in as the nation’s 33rd president. Truman later remarked that he felt as if “the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen” on him. In 1948, Truman made history on election night when the Chicago Daily Tribune printed banner front page headlines that read “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.” Thomas Dewey the Republican was the oddson favorite to win the election, but in a stunning upset, Truman beat Dewey by three million votes. It was President Truman who dropped the first atomic bomb, which brought an end to World War II in the Pacific. After his term was over, Truman and his wife Bess retired to Independence, Missouri. In December of 1972, after several years of failing health, Truman was admitted to the Kansas City Research Hospital and Medical Center, and he was at death’s door. On Saturday, December 23rd, Truman fell into a coma. In the early hours of Christmas morning, Truman began a systematic collapse. Throughout the night, he slipped further and further. On December 26, 1972 at 7:50 AM, Harry S. Truman died. He had lived 88 years and 232 days. ShortHarry S. Truman the thirty-third President of the United States of America Rest in Peace, Mr. President. That was the hope...that our presidents would rest in peace, but that has not always happened. For example, between 1865 and 1901 Lincoln’s remains were moved 18 times. Funerals are a reflection of how people live their lives, and this remains true for the funerals of our U.S. presidents. This series offers a glimpse into the deaths and funerals of our presidents, while offering overdue recognition to the scores of funeral professionals who labored ceaselessly to carry out the wishes of the presidents, their families, and in some cases, the wishes of the United States government. Each account tells an interesting story. —TVB positioned in the foyer of the library, where it was set on a black catafalque. At 1:20 PM, a short religious service was held. After this service, the Truman family left the building and the doors were opened for a period of public visitation. Over 75,000 people passed by the Truman casket. Thursday, December 28, 1972 was the funeral day. The funeral began with a Masonic funeral service by the Grand Master of all Masons in Missouri. Truman had been an active Mason all his adult life, and he himself served as Grand Master of all Missouri Masons in 1940. Next the clergy read the word of scripture and prayer, and by 2:30 PM, the service was over. The casket was then taken to the grave, which was located in the courtyard of the library. At the grave, several more prayers were said and then one of the clergy dropped a handful of Missouri soil on top of the casket. The military folded the president’s flag and presented it to Mrs. Truman, and the funeral for Harry S. Truman was complete. It was reported that 4,730 military personnel participated in Truman’s funeral. Truman left his estate, valued at $600,000, to his wife and daughter. F U N E R A L H O M E & C E M E T E R Y N E W S w w w . N o m i s P u b l i c a t i o n s . c o m Monthly Columnsonline at Todd W. Van Beck is the Director of Professional Development at Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science where he began his career 40 years ago. He is one of the best known and most wellregarded practitioners, educators, writers and speakers in the funeral profession. On May 30, 2018 Van Beck celebrated 50 years in funeral service. You can reach Todd at 615-327-3927. Rest In Peace, Mr. President MEADVILLE,PA— From Fishing to Tumbleweeds: A Journey of Life, Death, Grief, and Faith: a potent discussion of loss and grief is the creation of published author Debbie LaFe’ Fordyce. Fordyce shares, “Racing toward the end of life is a struggle we all must endure at one time or another. Now is the perfect chance to visualize in a real-life story how one woman and her father ran the race together. While a story of things that From Fishing to Tumbleweeds: A Journey of Life, Death, Grief, and Faith, Heartfelt Reflection on End-of-life Stages all the obstacles in their journey. It is a potential guide through life, death, grief, and faith. “Within this family’s journey, it is possible to experience all the hard subjects that cry out for attention. It’s a time to begin thinking about the turmoil and possible solutions before being overwhelmed. No one wants to think about the end of life, but allowing God to hold the ship’s wheel can give peace. “From fishing for knowledge to allowing the tumbleweeds of our life to strengthen us, this is a shared experience to help you build your own courage and faith.” Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Debbie LaFe’ Fordyce’s new book will resonate with many who have or are currently navigating this delicate stage of life. From Fishing to Tumbleweeds: A Journey of Life, Death, Grief, and Faith is available at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble. occurred, it is a narrative of relationship and faith. “You will be able to see how important it is to build a solid relationship between the players. You will see how when relationships are developed with God at the helm, they are both survivable and worth the time. This is a story of life as a family, who built trust in each other to overcome fax 1-800-321-9040 PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S e nd u s you r n ews ! We Welcome Industry News from YOU!