September 2022

Page A21 September 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A The opportunity to choose a Keepsake Pendant presents itself only once. The comfort a Keepsake Pendant offers, lasts a lifetime. 800-788-0807 Fax 608-752-3683 e-mail call about monthly specials or visit ourwebsite TM Keepsake Pendants September '22 FHC:Layout 1 6/2/22 1:26 PM Page 1 1-800-868-9950 Fully staffed and ready for your sensitive calls F U N E R A L E X C L U S I V E A N S W E R I N G S E R V I C E YORKVILLE,IL—The Commander Initiative has partnered with four different companies in order to grow their network and provide more options for their members. The companies include a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual, Halcyon, Titan Casket Company, and FUNERAweb. The Commander Initiative is a national network consisting of approximately 200 predominantly independent funeral homes and funeral service providers. The Initiative leverages cooperative buying of essential products and services for its members, who may otherwise be unable to qualify for ample discounted rates. The Commander Initiative continues to grow by creating strategic partnerships with product and service vendors who work in the deathcare industry. The Commander Initiative partnered with Ed Amos, a Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor, who will provide fullservice financial planning for the Initiative’s 200 plus funeral homes and funeral professionals. The partnership will allow the 200+ members of The Commander Initiative, which perform a combined total of 18,000 services per year, to be served by Amos and his team with fullservice, business, and personal financial planning. Commander Initiative Partnerships Adds to Network Growth try issues,” says Eddie Pitt, President and CEO of the Commander Initiative. Another strategic partnership the Commander Initiative has undertaken is with Titan Casket Company, which will strengthen the national casket support for funeral homes and funeral professionals. Titan Casket Company is recognized for introducing more eco-friendly and customized options for caskets to honor specific tastes and interests and ensures fast and free delivery to any funeral home in the United States. “Our partnership with Titan Casket Company addresses our most sensitive casket delivery issues affecting all our Commander Partners,” says Pitt. “Noting that the pandemic has completely changed the scope of casket purchasing throughout the industry, most casket distributors resorted to hiking their prices. This has opened a new door of opportunity for the Commander Initiative.” Titan Casket’s mission is to offer highquality caskets and to drive affordability and transparency in the funeral industry. FUNERAweb and Commander Initiative also joined forces to strengthen the national live streaming and funeral webcasting support for funeral homes and funeral professionals. The impact of COContinued on page A28 “I am incredibly excited and eager to be working with the Commander Initiative members. I believe everyone should have a plan to manage the financial risks they face in life. I help business owners prioritize their risks, and then mitigate those risks, so they can focus on growing their business.” said Amos. Amos and his team will be working with the members of the Commander Initiative by providing services that include buy/ sell arrangements, key person insurance, retirement planning as well as group benefits, which will allow them to be more strategic in this rapidly changing landscape. The Initiative also announced a strategic partnership with Halcyon, which will assist the smaller firms that may have thought that a management system like Halcyon would be too complicated and costly for their funeral homes. Halcyon’s innovative products help to maximize productivity so funeral directors can focus on serving their families. Funeral homes benefit from utilizing these innovations, such as automatic obituaries, quick-fill data entry, and customizations to conduct the business day-today operations. Optional features include electronic form signatures (via their DocuSign® partnership), QuickBooks® integration, and answering service integration to streamline the operation. “This partnership aligns with our core strategies on many fronts by helping to provide our members with greater insight to make more informed decisions to the funeral indusNews Fun e r a l Home & C eme t e ry on l i ne Your Real Source. Anywhere. Anytime. @Nomis.Publications Like