August 2022

Page A24 August 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A Funeral Directors Research,Inc. AMRA INSTRUMENT, LLC 623 N. Tower (P.O. Box 359) Centralia, WA 98531 “the shorter the supply line the better off you are” WEB DIRECT GIFT & PRICING TM ® We test ours in the labsoyoudon’t have to test it in the real world. 1-800-992-1925 | © Custom Air Trays YOURWORST-CASE SCENARIO... WOULDHAVENEVERHAPPENEDWITHOUR PERFORMANCE TESTEDCOMBINATION TRAY. At the Open House, funeral directors were able to tour the new facility and see the first crematory in Smith County The new Cremation Witness Family ID View Room Continued from Page A2 East Texas Mortuary Service Expands Remodelled Crematory Area at East Texas Mortuary that is a 52% growth in twenty-six months of ownership. The crematory was delivered and installed in January of 2022. The ETMS staff was trained in February and licensed by the beginning of March. The crematory, the first in Smith County, is now up and running. The facility also has a Cremation Witness/Family ID View room. “Some families wish to witness the cremation. It offers the same closure as watching a casket being lowered into the ground,” says Michelle. Michelle leans on the side of dealing with the deceased, not the family itself. “I work toward taking care of the deceased. I have them Continued on page A25 look their best for their last ride and have them properly embalmed for a bit of respect and dignity.” ETMS’s mission statement is: Something is possible if you’re willing to try. “It’s possible to keep caskets open, even after trauma,” says Michelle. She feels it’s worth trying to give the family an open casket. She’s become a reconstructive surgery specialist to provide families with open caskets when others just say it’s not possible. “It might cost more money and more time. It might not be perfect. But it’s better than a flat no,” she says. Michelle has been invited to speak on massive head trauma by Vernie