May 2023

Page A40 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A AMRA INSTRUMENTS Researched, Developed and Patented by Funeral Directors Research,Inc. visit for links to our Supply Chain Partners ™ ® Call 651-450-7727 to request a wholesale catalog, Our Extra-Large Cremains Bags (13” x 15”) are perfectly sized for the Standard Plastic Human Service Urn. or visit to order some bags. Just $2.90 each*. * Bags sold in multiples of 10 Choose from Black, Blue, or Burgundy Just $3.20 each* Choose from Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green or Gray 15 ANNUAL NATIONAL CONVENTION & EXPO Marriott Gateway Atlanta Airport Complex and The Georgia International Convention Center Saturday, July 29 to Wednesday, August 2, 2023 SAVE THE DATE TEMPE,AZ— NXT Generation Mortuary Support hosted a public grand opening for the Cold Hands Death Education and Learning Center located at 2239 W. Baseline Road in Tempe, AZ on April, 20 2023. The Cold Hands Death Education and Learning Center officially opened its doors to morticians, students of mortuary science and the public in July of 2022. Owner, of the Cold Hands Death Education Studio, Monica Torres, LFD, LE and Reconstructive Specialist has been educating the public on the values of embalmNEWS Educational Grand Opening: Cold Hands Death Education and Learning Center Opened Doors to Morticians and the Public ing since 2014. Torres is an advocate for viewing of the body and guiding families through public education. In 2022 Monica released her eBook “Embalming Tips Revealed.” The book has been a success and has been a driving force for the opening of the new facility. Torres said, “This learning center is a realization of a dream I’ve had to serve funeral directors with continuing education and offer unique public programs to my community since 2010.” Torres’s programs engage participants of all ages and experience levels. Torres hosts a variety of technical training options for embalmers and offers opportunities for future morticians, dark tourists and families are traveling to Arizona who are seeking a unique death positive experience and knowledge on embalming America’s historic death practice, the art and science of Embalming. The Cold Hands Death Education Studio hosts over 68 thousand morticians, students of mortuary science, doulas and families through its online social media platforms @coldhandshosts. Registration for future or on demand one on one educational opportunities can be found at education/. Harvey Leavitt, III NBE Scholarships Awarded by The Conference CHANDLER,AZ— The Board of Directors of The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards selected five candidates to receive the Harvey Leavitt, III National Board Examination (NBE) scholarship. The scholarship allows recipients to sit for the NBE with the examination fee waived (a $570 value). The Harvey Leavitt, III scholarship program is open to first-time exam candidates eligible to sit for the NBE within one year of application. To enter, exam candidates are asked to submit a brief essay. The 2023 topic reflects on the use of the NBE as part of the licensure process to ensure competency within the profession. Applicants were asked to explain why professional standards are important to public protection. The winners of the Spring 2023 Harvey Leavitt, III NBE Scholarship are: Hannah Parsley, Woodbury, TN; Jesus Regalado, Huntington Beach, CA; Danielle Slone, Macomb, MI; Adam Stocker, Minneapolis, MN; and Deniesha Wadley, Southaven, MS. Below are their shared responses: Parsley says, “Professional standards are the minimum competencies to practice and the minimum efforts that should be put forth to adequately perform the responsibilities of a profession. Their central concerns are ethical conduct in fulfilling obligations to the family, the decedent, the public, and the regulating government entities. From pre-need to at-need arrangements, there are opportunities for unethical behavior on the part of the funeral professional.” “Understanding what is expected generates a mental benchmark that can assure the public and ensure their protection. Not only do professional standards lay the foundation for what is right and what is wrong, but they also hold funeral professionals accountable for their actions. Standing on common ground and having a sense of accountability imbues feelings of honor and duty to the public. This mixture of expectations and emotions promotes public protection, regardless of a funeral professional’s beliefs, values, personality, faith, and morals,” says Parsley. Regalado shares, “Professional standards are important to public protection within the funeral profession because we undertake the sanctity of human remains, preparing/transporting them to their final disposition. Serving with respect for all customs/religions, openness to fulfill emotional needs within financial limiContinued on page A41 SEND US YOUR NEWS! PO Box 5159 Youngstown, Oh 44514 1-800-321-7479