April 2021

Page B20 APRIL 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B Call Today-Will Go Fast! 800-229-5008 Hard To Find XTSHearse! 800-229-5008 Limousines Are Back! 800-229-5008 Limousines Are Back! 800-229-5008 Only 8,000Miles! Call Today 800-229-5008 Hard To Find XTSHearse! 800-229-5008 THE LAST “NEW” 2019 Federal Coach Cadillac Hearse ON A HEARSE CHASSIS with full 6 year 100,000 mile warranty All silver, Navigation, AWD, Urn Carrier, Only 28K Miles & More Tinted Windows, Painted Roof, Navigation, Power Center Windows, 2-Way Clear Strobes 3.5” raised roof, Navigation, Pwr. Center Window. Only 8,000 miles, Full Table, Removable Landau Panels, Extremely Versatile. All Black, Crown Band, “B” Pillar, Built In Urn Carrier All Black, Crown Band, B-Pillar, Built In Urn Carrier 3.5” Raised Roof, Navigation, Pwr. Center windows CALLTODAY-800-229-5008 CALLTODAY-800-229-5008 CALLTODAY-800-229-5008 CALLTODAY-800-229-5008 LR194032 H9500152 H9550102 K9501031 H9500535 H9550331 FBL01635 DBL52009 Only 28,000Miles! 800-229-5008 Call For Special Pricing! 800-229-5008 8X660677 Full Corsica Vinyl Top, Bumper Protector Carpet, Alloy Wheels Call For Special Pricing! 800-229-5008 4U500767 Commercial Glass, Flag Mounts, Full Vinyl Top 2-Way Amber Strobes Limousines Are Back! 800-229-5008 2015 Federal Lincoln MKT “Stratford” 2013 Federal Lincoln MKT Limousine 2019 Federal Cadillac XTS Hearse 2018 Federal Cadillac XTS Limousine 2019 Dodge SXT “First Call Vehicle” 2017 Platinum Cadillac XTS “Phoenix S” 2017 Eagle Cadillac XTS “Kingsley” 2017 Federal Cadillac XTS Limousine 2004 S&S Cadillac Deville “Masterpiece” 2008 Superior Lincoln Towncar “Diplomat” Only 4,000Miles! 800-229-5008 All White, Flag Mounts & Staffs, Blind Spot Detection, Back Up Camera & Sensors. HJ193332 2017 K 2 Buick Enclave “Vintage” This HearseWill Not Last! 800-229-5008 DBL53146 Built In Urn Carrier, Limousine Style Windows, Navigation, AWD, 4-Way Clear Strobes 2013 Federal Lincoln MKT “Stratford”