April 2021

NEWS SECTION B APRIL 2021 Fam i l y Own e d a n d Operated Since 1974 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY PO B o x 5 1 5 9 Y o u n g s t own OH 4 4 5 1 4 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 1 - 7 4 7 9 On l i n e a t www . n om i s p u b l i c a t i o n s . c om P r e v i o u s l y P u b l i s h e d a s t h e Y B N e w s • S t i l l t h e P l a c e f o r Y o u r N e w s ! Messenger expands Top-Tier Stationery Offering with New Genuine Leather Register Book AUBURN,IN— Messenger has added a new genuine leather register book to its M Collection of top-tier stationery offerings entitled Merlot. The oversized register book cover is made in the United States from top-grain genuine leather by Rusti- co®. The Merlot register book resembles a high-end leather journal and features ex- posed edges with loop closure for sophis- ticated detail and broad appeal. The book pages feature a modern marble texture and foil accents throughout. “The top-tier plays a significant role in a funeral home’s stationery merchandising structure” stated Heather Garman, vice president of sales and marketing at Mes- senger. “Adding products with a clear dis- tinction to the top level gives more value to a funeral home’s entire product assort- ment.” Garman goes on to say, “While families may not select from the top-ti- er frequently, they will find the next tier down more attractive and that is where fu- neral homes will want most of their fami- lies to make a selection.” “As we have introduced new products in recent years, we noticed a need to take a new look at the stationery offerings in the top-tier,” stated Alicia Norman, director of product services at Messenger. “Many of the products at this level felt dated and have lost relevancy as preferences and tastes have evolved with the generations. Wood and leather options still have a high perceived value, so the goal was to trans- form them into trendy, modern options. We definitely accomplished that with the new Merlot leather register book.” The M Collection includes the Monarch and Merlot Register Books which share a Continued on Page B6 Continued on Page B7 Vandor/Starmark announces Retirement of President Gerald Davis Gerald Davis RICHMOND,IN— On behalf of Vandor Group, Alan Elder, chairman/CEO, has announced the planned March 31, 2021 retirement of Gerald Davis as its president and affirms his continuing service as an im- portant shareholding board member. Ger- ald will also continue as a consultant focused on new products, research and de- sign, and special proj- ects. Concurrent with Ger- ald’s retirement, Vandor’s shareholders are expand- ing its board size looking to grow with a next generation of leaders including two of Gerald’s children: Adrienne Cowen and Justin Davis. As president of Vandor since 2000 and with over fifty career utility patents so far, Gerald’s fu- neral industry, and reel and cable industry packaging innovations and improvements are just part of this story. Gerald started his career in the funeral in- dustry as a part-time assembly line employ- ee in the summer of 1977 at Spartan Casket Shell, Lynn, IN and was quick- ly promoted to purchasing manager and later plant su- perintendent. In the mid- nineteen eighties Gerald took a position with Amer- ica’s oldest casket company JM Hutton in Richmond, IN followed by an oppor- tunity to work closely with an innovative funeral home (717) 453-4028 (800) 752-8767 Email vischerfuneralsupplies@yahoo.com Please Visit Our New Website at www.vischerfuneralsupplies.com Ferno ® ... Time Tested • Quality • Innovation • Experience Lowest ferno ® Prices guaranteed Expertise, Experience & Exceptional Service Since 1983 BEST PRICE $ 4,150 00 Ferno ® 101-H Hydraulic Operating Table Mackenzie Urn Vaults Classic Cultured Marble BEST PRICE $ 100 00 Battery Powered Mortuary Lift $ 5,395 00 $ 5,945 00 With Scale Blue Scrim 12M w/6 handles $ 15 50 each $ 11 75 each Blue Scrim 12M $ 12 75 each 8M PEVA Sold individually or by the case. Inquire for additional body bag options 2,3,4 Tier Multi-Directional Loading Mortuary Roller Rack $ 989 00 $ 1,359 00 $ 1,684 00 Got Questions or Need Help? Text us at 717-503-9838 For the Complete Ferno ® Line and More (as pictured) NOW $6,889 S P E C I A L P R I C I N G + F R E E S H I P P I N G NOW $6,375 S P E C I A L P R I C I N G + F R E E S H I P P I N G Beat the price increase coming June 2021! Scan QR for our website 1-888-792-9315 • mymortuarycooler.com *Cots not included View Online! Triple Cot ROLL-IN Cooler Holds Up To 3 Oversized Cots MODEL #AMC TR3 4 Body EXTRA LARGE Cooler MODEL #AMC 4BX MADE IN USA View Online! $159 EACH View Online! High Density Plastic Board