April 2021

Page A19 APRIL 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A www. Pear l sPremium . c om Call (508) 653-0800 for Discount T he U ltimate G rass for C emeteries & F uneral H omes • Lush Dark Green Grass • Four-foot roots need 75% less water • Mow only once a month rather than weekly • Needs no chemicals to out-compete weeds and grass • Stays green year round • Grows in all world climates Cremation Urns, Jewelry & Keepsakes 941-751-3382 www. BOGATI URNS.com www.clearviewcaskets.com 305-699-7410 Silver Religious Platinum Collection Gold Last Supper Platinum Collection ® Oversized Gold Collection U.S. Patent No. 10,596,055,B1 U.S. Patent No. 10,596,055,B1 U.S. Patent No. 10,596,055,B1 Jessica Schulz Jake Sale Dana Parmenter Eolo Nizzi Vincent Michaelsen Kristie Lynch Award; and Jessica Schulz, Territory Management Award, Home Office Region, and Region of the Year. Since 1992, the Homesteaders account executive pro- gram has helped the company provide top-quality ser- vice and business support to its funeral home custom- ers. This program is part of Homesteaders’ ongoing commitment to customer success and promoting the value of funeral service. TOP 21 USA WORKPLACE RECOGNITION Homesteaders has been recognized as a 2021 Top USA Workplace. Homesteaders was selected for this award from 1,100 companies across the country. “We truly have something special here at Homesteaders,” said Steve Shaffer , Homesteaders chairman, president and CEO. “Our employees rose to the challenges of 2020 by bringing their best, serving boldly while maintaining their personal humility and caring for each other. I am honored to work in a place where people care about the work we do and care about each other. This award is driven by Home- steaders team members who are invested in the long-term success of our company and our commitment to our poli- cy holders and funeral home partners.” “We are so honored to be named a Top USA Work- place,” said Homesteaders executive vice president of hu- man resources Judy Ralston-Hansen . “When the world changed rapidly, our team was as responsive and caring as ever. Even when we are working virtually, everyone on the Homesteaders team is committed to creating a posi- tive and rewarding environment each day.” Homesteaders employs 170 employees at its home of- fice in West Des Moines and a team of 78 in the field. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, the company offers professional development opportunities, a success-sharing program, an incentive award program, remote and flexible work solutions and commitments to employee health and community outreach. Homesteaders Life Company, a mutual company owned by its policy holders, is a national leader providing prod- ucts and services to promote and support the funding of advance funeral planning and end-of-life expenses. Visit www.homesteaderslife.com to learn more. Homesteaders Executives Continued from Page A18 www.nomi s publ i cat i ons . com