April 2021

Page A17 APRIL 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A English | Spanish | Bilingual Polish | Italian for your promotional use 2022 Keepsake Religious Wall Calendars Call: 414.475.7500 • Fax: 414.475.7284 Email: customerservice@bluemoundcalendars.com Visit our website to view & request a sample: www.bluemoundcalendars.com to Christians Who Recite the Rosary 2022 Catholic Art Calendar Made in the USA Item Code: A Fifteen Promises of Mary (A) Art English.indd 25 7/12/20 4:03 PM St. Peter the Fisherman 101 Church Street, Milwaukee WI (555) 555-5555 Fr. Keith Powers, Pastor Mass Schedule: Sunday: 8:00 am & 10:00 am Saturday: 7:00 pm Confessions: Saturday 6:00 pm or by appointment Weddings: Arrangements must be made one year in advance Baptisms: Sunday 12:00 noon Compliments of Gosby Family Funeral Home 555 Hunter Road, Milwaukee WI Ryan B. Gosby, Manager Timothy I. Gosby, Director (555) 555-5555 Serving our Community with Care and Compassion The Joy of Faith Made in the USA Item Code: M 2022 Catholic Stewardship Calendar (M) Stewardship.indd 25 7/12/20 9:00 AM Lessons for Life 2022 A Catholic Cale dar of Lighthearted Inspiration Illustrated and written by Ellen Anderson Made in the USA Item Code: LC 2022 Scenic Catholic Calendar Made in the USA Item Code: RC (RC) Scenic Catholic.indd 25 7/12/20 9:07 AM Divine Life given for Holiness and Eternal Life The Sacraments Made in the USA Evangelization English Item Code: V 2022 Catholic Evangelization Calendar (V) Evangelization English.indd 25 7/12/20 8:45 AM 5% off Orders Placed by June 1st NEW HAVEN,IN— David Rousculp, general manager of Harper’s Community Funeral Home, New Haven, IN recently was chosen by the General “Mad” Anthony Wayne Organization of Fort Wayne to be the new living historian for the historical group. Rousculp, a seasoned actor and award-win- ning playwright auditioned for the part when he saw it announced on the local news. One of David’s favorite subjects is 18th century American history. “I knew enough about Anthony Wayne to be dangerous and started studying right away.” On March 5, 2021 there was a news press, and the city was introduced to David Rousculp as the win- ner. David was dressed in authentic reen- actment attire from head to toe. Bob Jones, portraying George Washington, did the intro- ductions. Rousculp now will be at several city events and parades. He will also speak at schools and clubs to share the history of the man the city is named after. Rousculp sees this as a great way to get out in front of the public. The organization is also planning on performing a short play about the relation- ship of Washington and Wayne to be au- thored by Rousculp in the near future. David Rousculp Chosen as Local Living Historian David Rousculp as General “Mad” Anthony Wayne Send Us Your News! Send us information on your firm today! PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 Fax 800-321-9040 info@nomispublications.com FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS We welcome news of the industry.