January 2021

Page B18 JANUARY 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B ADS Classified RobertPDurant.com * Plus applicable state tax & fees “Let Us Continue To Pray For Peace In Our Communities” 215-570-7839 “As always I am honored to serve you!” Robert P. Durant Your Funeral Coach & Limousine Dealer LetMePutTogether TheMostCompetitivePackage ForYourNewFleet ofFuneralCars SuperiorLincolnMKTHearse,45,000mls,$64,595 Cadillac Platinum Hearse, 27,500 mls, $71,695 Federal Renaissance Window, 42,000 mls, $37,000 S&S Victoria Hearse, 110,000 mls, $12,995 Superior Hearse, 50,000 mls, $23,500 2010 2013 2014 2007 2007 Superior Statesman, 70,000 mls, $21,500 Superior Statesman, 70,000 mls, $22,500 S&S Cadillac Hearse, 11,500 mls, $74,995 2007 S&S Medalist, Gold/Blue Top 45,000 mls, $19,500 2014 2007 2007 2011 Eagle Ultimate, 67,000 mls, $30,495 Echelon Cadillac Hearse, 40,000 mls, $37,995 Superior Cadillac Hearse, 43,000 mls, $21,595 2007 2014 S&S Cadillac Masterpiece, 34,000 mls, $68,995 2017 2011 S&SCadillac52”Limousine,32,000mls,$69,000 2006 Federal Heritage, 47,000 mls, $22,395 2006 Superior Statesman, 40,000 mls, $22,500 250 PPD Mask with every preowned purchase and 500 ppd with every new purchase “Stand Up For Social Justice For All People” S&S Medalist Hearse, Green, 28,000 mls, $28,000 2011 Superior Statesman Hearse, Blue, 48,600 mls, $18,000 2006 2020 S&S Lincoln Continental Hearse. Available for Immediate Delivery. Please Call for Pricing! 2013 Cadillac 47” Limousines, White, 74,000 mls, $95,000 for the pair 2016 S&S 70” Cadillac Limousine, 13,500 mls, $68,000 2010 Mercedes 70” Limousine, 47,000 mls, $32,000 2011 S&S Cadillac 90” Limousine, 41,000 mls, $19,500 C-W Coach Sales Since 1983 cwcoach.com Cincinnati, OH 513-821-0000 Hearses 2016 Dodge Eagle Conversion, black/ land panels, 227k miles. . 2006 Cadillac S&S Medalist, black/black top, 84k miles. ............. 2005 Cadillac Superior Statesman, black/black top, 79k miles... 2004 Cadillac Federal Heritage, blue/white top, 81k miles........... 2003 Cadillac S&S Medalist, silver/black top, 60k miles. ............. 2002 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley, white/white top, 56k miles............ 2001 Cadillac Eagle Ultimate Elite, red/electric table, AS NEW. . 2001 Cadillac Eagle Ultimate, silver/electric table, 70k miles....... 2001 Lincoln Federal Two Tone, gold/brown top, 96k miles........ 2000 Cadillac Eagle Ultimate, lt. gold/gold top, 90k miles............ Limos 2016 XTS-L 4-Door Not Limo, black stretch, 220k miles................. 2011 Mercedes Sprinter High Roof, black, 195k miles................ 2007 Cadillac Federal 5-Door, lt. blue/white top, 99k miles.......... 2006 Cadillac Superior, black/black top, 100k miles..................... 2004 Cadillac Federal Raised Roof, silver/black top, 56k miles. . 2002 Cadillac Superior, blue/blue top, 64k miles.......................... $ 5,975 $ 7,500 $ 5,975 $ 3,975 $ 3,575 $ 3,500 $11,000 $ 2,475 $ 3,975 $ 2,975 $ 6,500 $11,500 $ 4,975 $ 4,500 $ 3,500 $ 2,475 Beautiful Southwest Style Funeral Home, six miles from the Colorado state line in the foothills of the Rock - ies. Average 80 calls per year with over one million in preneed. Owner ready to retire so priced to sell at $495,000. Turn key opera - tion with monument company included. Contact Bill Long at 575-445-2622, Yak- sich-Long Funeral Home, 1310 S. 2nd St., Raton, NM 87740 5DJF ` Two funeral homes for sale in upstate New York. Averaging 70+ calls per year. Large owner’s quar - ters above both buildings. Paved parking areas and a four-car garage at each location. Over $600,000 in pre-arrangements held in trust in local banks. Recent appraisals and surveys of real estate available. Small town communities and a great place to raise a fam - ily. Many outdoor activities nearby: golf, fishing, hunt - ing, kayaking and camping just to name a few. Serious inquiries only. Financially capable only need apply. Reply to: Nomis Publica- tions, Inc., PO Box 5159, Dept. 744, Youngstown, OH 44514. 5DJF INDIANA: Well estab- lished 320+ call funeral home and growing with lots of potential for new owner to continue growth. Two turn-key locations with on-site crematory. Large liv - ing quarters in one location. Both have adequate off-street parking. Large book of pre - paid arrangements. These locations are in an area close enough to large city and ru - ral country, offering multiple choices in lifestyle. Averaging over $1,200,000 in annual gross sales. Listing price is $2,450,000. To inquire, email info@decainbb.com. All inquiries will be kept in strict confidence. NDJ If you are thinking of selling your funeral business, we would like to talk to you. We have qualified buyers for small and medium sized funeral business - es and we also have financing available for buyers. Please call Rogers and Associates, 406-450-2675. 5BNDJ Averaging 100+ calls per year. Preneed of $500,000 in insurance and bank trust. Small growing community in the mountains of North Idaho. Owner ready to retire after 42 years. Small town community and great place to raise a family. Many outdoor activities nearby: golf, fishing, boating, hunting, snow skiing, kayaking and camping to name a few. Financially capable only need apply. Serious inquiries to mmmellett@ frontier.com. www. bonnersferryfuneralhome. com 5BDJF Funeral Home For Sale in North Idaho Southern Tier New York Funeral Home For Sale Owner retiring. 30 calls per year average. Living quarters on premises. Great clien- tele. Email fhforsale@aol. com . 5JFM Funeral Business For Sale 5 Funeral Business For Sale is continued on Page B20 To place your Classified Ad ADS Classified Online call 1-800-321-7479 or visit www. NomisPublications .com