January 2021

Page B7 JANUARY 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B One Family. One Source. www.mkcoaches.com 844-797-0147 Why stand with the crowd when you can stand above it? Grand Legacy Limited A new hearse is a significant investment and a rolling billboard for your funeral home. By using a Lincoln-based MK Coach, not only will you stand apart from the competition, you’ll set a new standard of distinction. Popularly configured stock vehicles will be available for immediate delivery starting Spring of 2021. Contact your dealer for more details. The reverse-hinge rear side coach doors allow for unobstructed access to the fully extended church truck extension tray. Ease of loading/unloading makes your already-impressive service even more distinguished. Decorative and functional casket guides are an elegant solution to protect your investment in the well-appointed coach interior. Note that the interior wheel-well boxes are designed with sweeping curves to eliminate the casket handles from contact/potential damage to your beautiful interior trim. The sleek front-end design, iconic Lincoln grille and horizontal headlamps demonstrate your discriminating taste and set you apart from other processions. At the rear, the casket door has been recessed 4-inches to provide the foremost pallbearer extra room while loading and unloading the casket. The Extend-a-Sill protects the rear of your coach from casket-loading damage. And our built-in Urn-Enclave raises 13” above the floor, allowing families to view their loved one through the low-cut door while in procession. Photograph includes some optional features.