January 2021

Page B4 JANUARY 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B Buy a complete Funeral Van... or Convert your own! 4hearse.com ( 800 ) 4-HEARSE Gather releases Improvements to LiveStreaming Solution been laid to rest. It is we, in concert with the obligation of living, who are Sir Ramic Murals Gives Voice to Those Dying in Silence from Covid-19 Tombstones designed with Great Art and Personal, Biblical and Classical Poetry A Sir Ramic Memorial may include a Biblical passage A Sir Ramic Memorial presents words that are rich in emotion, excerpted from a sonnet by Elizabeth Browning - “How do I love Thee, Let me Count the Ways?” PHILADELPHIA,PA— Cemeteries serene and bucolic are now too busy. Last rites read; the soul is conveyed. But, it’s a miscarriage of justice by de- nying the departed their final words. “In my 79th year, I will soon shuf- fle off ‘my mortal’ coil, but through headstones manufactured by my firm, Sir Ramic Murals, the ‘Silent Major- ity’ will be given a voice forever. For entrepreneurs, Covid spells opportu- nity,” say company founders Wilbur Pierce and Ray Dahdal. Merely a scintilla has written their autobiography, yet many have lived a life filled with adventure, achieve- ment, love, education, friends and creativity. Tradition has denied the one who has left this world with such unex- citing lettering as “Born” and “Died” accompanied by a few integers that generate only gravesite calculation. Yet, for the person leaving us, this time is his or her World Series, Super Bowl, March Madness, Oscar and Emmy nomination compacted in a few syllables. Final words are more fragrant, cre- ative and meaningful than those se- lected by a cleric who had passing knowledge of the deceased, thereby reciting saccharine words chosen by a relative, friend, or repetitive words ex- cerpted from a Bible. Contagion obliterates the last words spoken by the deceased, never deliv- ered because of the virus. These final utterances are descriptive of yearn- ings, and significantly indicative of the wishes of he, or she, who is being to memorialize them! A Sir Ramic Memorial presents words that are rich in emotion, excerpted from a son- net by Elizabeth Browning – “How do I love Thee, Let me Count the Ways?”; by a Biblical passage as “Lay me Down to Green Pastures”; a message to cemetery visitors re- questing they “spread a blanket for picnic reminiscences”; a message to the family – “Sam & Alex, get your PhD’s.” “I have submitted requests to Joel Osteen, The Masons and The Knights of Colum- bus to work with me to create monumen- tal cemeteries for their members,” explains Pierce. These messages are companioned by a pro- vided, or selected, piece of great art from Re- naissance to modern from their 50,000 im- age archive that has become catatonic in other markets since Wuhan came to Amer- ica, but prolific with headstones. A wonderful presentation is a photograph carefully selected from a family album which exists like the “Prisoner of Chillon,” but par- doned from a rarely opened drawer in a dining room breakfront. These annotated photos of life before entomb- ment are the richest source of farewells and frequently hu- morous when addended post- humously, like Buddy Hack- ett’s saying he was “Coming Soon”! To learn more, visit www.sirramicmurals.com. BOISE,ID— Gather has been helping funeral directors all across the nation since the beginning of the pandem- ic to live stream from anywhere. They are excited to an- nounce even more improvements to their industry-lead- ing LiveStreaming solution. Gather reports hearing again and again that one of the biggest pain points for funeral directors is their ability to adapt to our rapidly changing world. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic funeral homes have need- ed to rethink the way they support their families, and as the world looks at another round of potential closures, a LiveStreaming solution has never been more important. Gather’s LiveStreaming solution offers funeral homes the ability to help their families by offering a simple, beautiful, and flawless live stream experience from any location. As part of their world-class onboarding process, the Gather team ships everything funeral homes need to live stream with the click of a button. With unlimited support and training, the transition to using Gather is seamless, giving funeral homes more time to focus on what matters most. The improvements include a better camera, improved Wi-Fi capabilities, a simplified inter- face, private and public events, improved landing page experience, and an integrated internet speed test. Of the company’s LiveStreaming Solution, Gather Founder Zach Chatterton said, “When my dad passed away a few months before I was born, there was an amaz- ing funeral director by my mom’s side to help her through that difficult time. Our vision has always been to help fu- neral directors to help people just like my mom. Gather’s LiveStreaming solution is the perfect way to do just that. Our solution couldn’t be any simpler and our team of ex- perts is on call to help if you run into any challenges. It works from anywhere and we automatically create and store a video of the live stream for families to cherish for- ever. What I wouldn’t give to know what was said at my dad’s funeral. If the funeral home had been able to pro- vide that, I would still be thanking them 36 years later.” Gather’s vision is to give funeral directors a world-class, easy-to-use solution that brings joy to both their funeral home and the families they serve. LiveStreaming is just one of the many ways Gather aims to make them the hero. For further information about Gather’s solutions or to schedule a free demonstration, visi t w ww.Gather.app or call 888-492-2697. LoadAlone™ Increases Profits for Funeral Homes NEWARK,NY— 2020 was a difficult year. Funeral homes have been working harder than ever to handle the increased workload caused by COVID-19 related deaths. At the same time, due to many restrictions caused by state regulations, funeral homes have had to find new and different ways to maximize profits. LoadAlone™ has been proven to add additional profits to funeral homes by reducing overhead and reducing per- sonal injury claims from workers. Developed by Mortu- ary Transport and Trade Supplies, LoadAlone™ is an affordable automat- ed mortuary cargo loading system gaining widespread recognition and installa- tions in the industry. Al- ready accepted as a solution that helps prevent back in- juries, the patent-pending system provides an addi- tional layer of personal pro- tection to funeral directors who do removals from hos- pitals and nursing homes. Overhead costs are re- duced by LoadAlone™ as it enables a single funeral home employee to safe- ly load and unload up to 500-pound bodies. Now any mortuary service can save time and money and operate more safely, with LoadAlone™. Below is how: 1. Transport achieved with one person. 2. Use of LoadAlone™ protects the inside and out- side of the removal vehicle adding years to the life of the vehicle. 3. Easily disinfect the flooring, ramps, and cables, saving time and money. 4. Since no lifting is required to load the bodies when using LoadAlone™ there is less injury and fatigue from lifting. 5. Can lower workman’s compensation premiums. According to its inventor and licensed funeral direc- tor, David P. Murphy, “LoadAlone™ will make you more profitable by reducing costs and save your back.” Murphy, a NYSFD and NFDA member, asserts “We want to do whatever can be done to minimize the risk to indus- try personnel of contracting Covid-19 so we are current- ly offering qualified buy- ers steep discounts of up to 33 percent on our prod- ucts.” Most funeral homes can claim LoadAlone™ as an equipment expense and some funeral homes may qualify for a tax credit. Fu- neral homes are advised to consult their tax accountant. Orders can be placed on the company’s website www.loadalone.com or by call 585-330-5772. A demo of the LoadAlone™ solution can be seen at https://you- tu.be/NAebhtjB- 6E or on- line at www.loadalone.com. The loading system fits most standard SUVs, vans, and Hearses. It is easily in- stalled and removed when- ever necessary. LoadAlone™ invent- ed by a funeral director for funeral directors will reduce costs and injury to personnel, eliminate the need for more than one person to go on removals and help reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19. LoadAlone™ asks that you stay safe, stay healthy, work smarter, and make more money. Your Real Source. Anywhere. Anytime.