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My name is Larry W Hopke and I am starting a Mortuary Transportation Business. I have worked part-time for a local funeral home for 10+ years doing removals, pickups, transporting for autopsy, delivery to and pick-up form crematories, and pickups from the St. Louis Airport. I will transport Funeral Home to Funeral Home in Missouri and bordering states only at this time. Must be embalmed. My fees are $1.85 per mile in Missouri and $2.50 per mile in bordering states. I charge pickup point to delivery point. If an overnight stay is necessary I charge $125 for a motel. My phone numbers are: cell 573-470-5202, home phone 573-324-5201. Email

Mature, experienced and qualified individual interested in purchasing or investing in an established death services business in Florida. Flexible terms, strictly confidential and no obligation. Email

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