Linda Findlay

Aftercare 101

Linda Findlay is the founder of Mourning Discoveries, Grief Support Services. She is a 28 year career “Aftercare Coordinator,” a published author, an advocate for bereaved families and the founder and co-creator of Journeys of Hope Grief Support Outreach Programs, coordinating and hosting seminars and events, including the first and only Bereavement Cruise that provides extensive programming exclusively for grieving families. Linda has developed comprehensive aftercare programs that are used in over 300 funeral homes in 25 states. Linda has supported and worked with thousands of grieving families across this country. She has visited and provided support for grieving families in their homes and through Funeral Homes, Hospices and faith-based organizations. She has created, facilitated, participated in and coordinated hundreds of workshops, services of remembrances, and support groups. Linda is a lay counselor for a Christian Care Ministry in Greenville SC. Her highest honor is to enter people’s lives and help make a difference. Linda can be reached at 315-725-6132 or you can visit her websites at and, or email



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