Elleanor Davis Starks

Elleanor Davis Starks

A new generation of women are rising to the challenge of a meaningful and rewarding profession in funeral service. Many have come from other successful careers, bringing that education and experience into another great industry, doing what they love. They have changed the face of a once dreary profession in the 21st century. To these women in funeral service we say thank you for thinking outside the box. We have not only added stiletto heels to the professional dress code, but also a savvy attitude, unmatched work ethic and a compassionate commitment to service and excellence. If you don’t have a woman in a key position on your staff, you are missing a phenomenal opportunity. Some may call it hiring diversity but I call it a smart move, taking your business to another level. If you don’t know where to look, nearby mortuary schools will be glad to assist you. The 100BWFS is always available to help you find what you are searching for. Email us at Hundredbwfs@aol.com. We want to make the funeral service profession the go-to career for those who know the importance of performance, compassion, commitment and excellence in service.


Elleanor Davis Starks, CFSP-CCA, is the Founder and COO of 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc. The Nation's Premier Funeral Service Organization for Minority Women who have chosen funeral service as their Profession or Career. Elleanor is a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. She attended Gupton-Jones College as well as Kentucky State University and Xavier University. She spends half the year in Florida and the other six months in California. She is an avid writer, historian and researcher of African American Funeral Service History. She is an avid supporter of mentoring those new to the industry and honoring those who will or have left legacies within Funeral Service. It is her goal to furnish black funeral service history books for mortuary schools around the nation through collaborations, research and programming. Friend her on Facebook at 100 Black Women of Funeral Service or Elleanor Starks. Each year at its Academy Awards the 100 Black Women of Funeral Service recognize outstanding firms and individuals.

Email: Hundredbwfs@aol.com  
Website: www.100Blackwomenoffuneralservice.com


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