December 2018

NEWS SECTION B DECEMBER 2018 Fam i l y Own e d a n d Ope r a t ed S i nce 1974 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY P O B o x 5 1 5 9 Yo u n g s t o w n O H 4 4 5 1 4 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 1 - 7 4 7 9 O n l i n e a t www . n o m i s p u b l i c a t i o n s . c o m P r e v i o u s l y P u b l i s h e d a s t h e Y B N e w s • S t i l l t h e P l a c e f o r Yo u r N e w s ! V ischer F uneral S upplies (717) 453-4028 (800) 752-8767 Email ** Your Authorized Ferno Washington Distributor ** For the Complete Ferno ® Line and More Please Visit Our new Website at www . vischerfuneralsupplies . com Ferno ® ... Time Tested • Quality • Innovation • Experience Ferno ® 101-H Hydraulic Operating Table BEST PRICE $ 3,835 00 trusted ferno quality – ask your grandfather! Blue Scrim 12M w/6 handles $ 14 50 each $ 11 75 each Blue Scrim 12M $ 10 50 each Standard White 8M PEVA Sold individually or by the case. Inquire for additional body bag options Industry Leading 1000 lb. Ferno ® Mini Maxx Mortuary Cot BEST PRICE $ 2,535 00 Why Buy Imports? BEST PRICE $ 845 00 Ferno ® Model # 87 Church Truck All 5 Colors Available Ferno ® 27-1 Multi-Level Stretcher BEST PRICE $ 2275 00 64” Arc UmbrellA Fiberglass • WindprooF embroidery & silk screen available 1.800.522.5743 Season Greetings! SANFORD,NC— Jimmie Bullis is a native of San- ford, NC and the owner of Speakeazy Billiards. One afternoon a long-time customer of Speakeazy Bil- liards passed away. After watching the gentleman’s loved ones struggle to find the financial help they needed for the funeral service, Jimmie had an amaz- ing idea that he felt could help both the families of the deceased and funeral homes in this critical time. Thus, began the Funeral Donation App! The Funeral Donation App reassures that donated money given on behalf of the deceased is used for fu- neral related expenses. Payment is made directly to the funeral home or crematory. This gives the family com- fort in knowing that the funds will be used for the purpose intended. The Funeral Donation App has no gray areas, if financial assistance for funeral expenses is not needed the App allows donations to go to a church or charitable organization in the name of the deceased. The funeral home or crematory receives a list of all who donate so they can make the family of the de- ceased aware of the gifts given by friends and family. Bridges & Cameron Funeral Home in Sanford, NC was the first firm to use the App. It has been nothing short of amazing for both parties! When Judy Joy passed away Bridges & Cameron used the Philosophy Drives New Product Release Continued on Page B9 Funeral Donation App makes Donations Simple and Painless WAKARUSA,IN— The re- cent NFDA conference marked the public in- troduction of the Coas- son and its sister product the UrnArk ® According to company officials, the products were very well received and are posi- tioned for international as well as domestic sales. The company notes that fish- ing lures are made to at- tract fishermen, not fish; and that hearses are made to attract funeral homes, not grieving families. The Coasson and UrnArk® are designed to provide a high degree of personalization and to focus on the total experience delivered by fu- neral professionals offering comfort and confidence to grieving loved ones and to help reach out to families with new options. Ron Stoll, CEO of Coas- son, Inc., commented that an article in the Octo- ber edition of the Direc- tor magazine by Dr. Alan Wolfelt suggested that the industry stop using the term “closure”. “I could not agree more,” Stoll said. “I have been saying for years that closure takes place when the death cer- tificate is issued. At that point the case is closed. It is at that point that we, as funeral professionals, get involved to deliver our sup- port and services. Relevan- cy and personalization are the name of the game to- day and comfort and con- fidence are what we should be delivering, not closure.” “The Coasson and Ur- nArk® are patented prod- ucts designed to do that,” added Stoll. The UrnArk® is designed to provide dignified flag Continued on Page B11