November 2019

Page A11 NOVEMBER 2019 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A There is a Better Way to handle your funeral home communications 1-800-868-9950 A New Book on Studebaker Professional Cars has Been Released tled Studebaker Professional Cars, a look at how busi- nesses and governments would use the Studebaker – car or truck – within their operations. This title is tru- ly unique and the first of its kind to cover this subject. This new title covers this niche Studebaker sector of the automotive industry from hearses, ambulances, and limousine type cars. The book is also filled with over 300 photographs, ad- vertisements and product listings. Studebaker Professional Cars is a hardbound 8-1/2 x 11 inch library-size publi- cation, with 316 pages and printed on gloss 80 pound text. The book is avail- able for purchase through M.T. Publishing Compa- ny at 1-888-263-4702 or on their website at www. While inventory is in stock, the book can also be purchased through Amazon. George Hamlin is a tech- nical writer who found an early interest in profes- sional cars—both for the craftsmanship involved in making them and for what he calls the “magic” involved in putting a pas- senger car into one end of a factory and reaping some- thing entirely different out the other end. Most pro- fessional cars in the Stude- baker orbit involve such magic, from a variety of custom-body firms build- ing on a Studebaker plat- form, though this book also includes the cars that retained the stock body.  George is a long-time member of several auto-his- tory organizations, three of whose interests coincide in this work: The Studebak- er Drivers Club, the Profes- sional Car Society, and the Society of Automotive His- torians. He has written arti- cles for several auto-hobby magazines and is one of the authors of Packard: A His- tory of the Motor Car and the Company (Automo- bile Quarterly Library Se- ries, Princeton Publishing, 1978) among other books. His varied background in- cludes work in radio, televi- sion, engineering, and tech- nical manuals. M.T. Publishing has pro- duced quality commemo- rative edition publications since 1986. They specialize in local, pictorial, corpo- rate, military, police, fire, automotive and specialty histories. For more information contact George Hamlin at EVANSVILLE,IN— George Hamlin and M.T. Publishing Company are proud to announce the release of their new book ti- 301-953-7208 or at or M.T. Publishing Company at 812-468- 8022 or new and used professional coaches and limousines Funeral Home & cemetery news is online at