November 2019

Page A10 NOVEMBER 2019 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A David and Karen Jones Smith 1-800-604-9576 Single Casket Flag Band $9 .95 5 pack casket flag bands $39 .95 Church Trucks $425 .00 1st locking position: 27 x 29 2nd locking position: 51 x 26 3rd locking position: 62.5 x 22.5 Folding size: 6.3 x 31.5 Load Bearing 1000 lbs 14 Grip handle design Smooth, non friction surface for easy transfer and handling Safer and more efficient Easy to stack and store due to it’s thin profile Also available in oversized Large castor church trucks $495 .00 1st locking position: 27 x 29 2nd locking position: 51 x 26 3rd locking position: 62.5 x 22.5 Folding Size: 6.3 x 31.5 Load Bearing 1000 lbs One person can manage Automatic loading Multiple height levels at both ends Wheel locks & durable tie straps One year warranty Oversized Stretcher $1495 .00 Locks when folded for storage and maneuverability Two handles for easy mobility and sanitation purposes Card holder for body identification tags Swivel wheels with foot locks Folding Dressing Table $895 .00 Slider Board $99 .00 FEATURED PRODUCTS FOR november 2019 Funeral Directors Research,Inc. AMRA INSTRUMENT, LLC 623 N. Tower (P.O. Box 359) Centralia, WA 98531 “the shorter the supply line the better off you are” WEB DIRECT GIFT & PRICING TM ® $2995 Glenn Gould CEO, MKJ Marketing Call the only person in funeral service that has done over 800 studies. 1-888-MKJ-1566 | “Business is down and I don’t knowwhy.” K aren J ones S mith Huntsville, Alabama 2019 A labama P henomenal W omen of F uneral S ervice PO Box 5159 Youngstown, OH 44514 Fax 1-800-321-9040 Send Us Your News! By E lleanor S tarks B easley , CFSP Founder and Executive Director 100 B lack W omen of F uneral S ervice , I nc . 2019 A wards of E xcellence available to help you find what you are searching for. Email us at We want to make the funeral service profes- sion the go-to career for those who know the importance of perfor- mance, compassion, commitment and excellence in service. A new generation of women are ris- ing to the challenge of a meaningful and rewarding profession in funeral service. Many have come from other successful careers, bringing that ed- ucation and experience into anoth- er great industry, doing what they love. They have changed the face of a once dreary profession in the 21st century. To these women in funeral service we say thank you for thinking outside the box. We have not only added stiletto heels to the profes- sional dress code, but also a savvy at- titude, unmatched work ethic and a compassionate commitment to ser- vice and excellence. If you don’t have a woman in a key position on your staff, you are missing a phenomenal opportunity. Some may call it hiring diversity but I call it a smart move, taking your business to another lev- el. If you don’t know where to look, nearby mortuary schools will be glad to assist you. The 100BWFS is always JoAnne F. Lee J o A nne F. L ee White Plains, New York 2019 P residential A ward of E xcellence A licensed funeral direc- tor and certified funeral ser- vice practitioner, JoAnne F. Lee works alongside her hus- band, Ted “The Mortician Magician” Lee as co-own- er of Lee’s Funeral Home, LLC in White Plains, NY. Lee graduated Cum Laude from the American Academy McAllister Institute. “I closed the door to the past, opened the door to the future, took a deep breath and stepped on through glad- ly and started a new chapter in my life,” stated Lee. “The wind beneath my wings, and my guiding force has been my husband Ted and my family. He let me grow, ex- panding my horizons and al- ways encouraging and sup- porting my decisions along with my children, Jennifer and TJ who are third gener- ation funeral directors in the family business.” “If there is someone you admire in the profession, let them know. We’re all going through something and ev- eryone loves a compliment. Ask them questions on how to get ahead, improve your- self, or whatever you need to know to become a better per- son, worker and talk to them about your career goals and aspirations, Lee stated.” Lee doesn’t know where fu- neral service will be in the next decade or two but she can assure you if it keeps go- ing you can look forward to lots more direct cremations and memorial services. After being diagnosed with cancer 13 years ago, she purchased her burial plot and made pre- need arrangements for a tra- ditional funeral for herself to take a load off her family. Lee hopes that in the last 78 years, she has helped some- body along the way. She has been a great mentor and likes to inspire and motivate oth- ers and believes she knows those are the keys to living with no regrets because we all should realize that our liv- ing should not be in vain. Congratulations to Lee on her induction as the 100 Black Women of Funeral Ser- vice 2019 President’s of Ex- cellence Award winner. 2019 A wards of E xcellence Karen Jones Smith, CFSP graduated with honors from the Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science. She is a licensed mortician, third generation owner and pres- ident of her African Ameri- can family-owned business, Royal Funeral Home in Huntsville, AL, which re- cently celebrated 100 years. Professionally, Karen and her husband, David, also a licensed mortician, followed the Alabama State mandate that all pre-need providers qualify for separate pre-need li- censure and Royal Funeral Home became the 22 nd funeral in the state to meet the qualification requirements and the requirements have been met annually since 2002. Karen be- came a certified pre-need consultant in 2011 and was one of the first females in 1997, to earn the designation of CFSP. The family also own Heritage Monument, Inc. and Mead- owland Garden of Peace Cemetery. Karen is very knowledgeable about business and has a strong work ethic that makes the family business a standout in the state of Alabama. She is an active member of the Ala- bama Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, National Funeral Directors Association, Academy of Professional Funer- al Service Practice , 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc. Congratulations to Karen and David Smith for being a stand out Finalist for the 100BWFS Funeral Service Couple of the Year in Mobile, AL at the recent NFD&MA Convention. Karen is a great Role Model, Mentor and Trailblazer for Women in the Funeral Profession and those entering the in- dustry. The 100BWFS salutes her as a 2019 Alabama Phe- nomenal Woman of Funeral Service.