August 2019

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Fells Retires Robert M. “Bob” Fells Poul Lemasters STERLING,VA— With deep gratitude for his leadership and vision, the board and staff of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (IC- CFA) announce the retire- ment of General Counsel, Robert M. “Bob” Fells, Esq effective July 1, 2019. Fells’ retirement and the ap- pointment of Poul Lemas- ters, Esq. to general coun- sel was approved by the ICCFA incoming and out- going executive committees on April 3, during the asso- ciation’s 2019 Annual Con- vention and Exposition in Charlotte, NC. Fells has worked on be- half of the cemetery and funeral service profession on legal and legislative is- sues since 1975 and joined the ICCFA staff as gen- eral counsel in 1983, and in 2011 was named exec- utive director. As the as- sociation’s point person for government, media and public relations for more than 35 years, Fells made his accomplished ca- reer with ICCFA his life’s work. With a keen interest and understanding of the funeral profession, gov- ernment regulations and legislation, Fells was the association’s voice on Cap- itol Hill. He was a driving force behind the ICCFA Government and Legal Af- fairs Committee, wrote a “Washington Report” col- umn for ICCFA Magazine and was contributing edi- tor to ICCFA Wireless, a bi-weekly electronic news- letter that alerts members to legal, regulatory and in- dustry news affecting their businesses. In addition, Fells served as president and general counsel of the ICCFA Ser- vice Bureau, a for-profit subsidiary of the associa- tion which administered the Credit Exchange Plan and served as secretary of the ICCFA Educational Foundation, a tax-exempt charitable organization. Following his retirement, Fells has volunteered to continue serving as Foun- dation secretary. In 2011, Fells was inducted into the ICCFA Hall of Fame for his contributions to the cemetery, cremation and funeral service profession. Poul Lemasters, Esq., at- torney, funeral director and embalmer, has been affiliated with ICCFA since 2010. Lemasters uses his unique background in deathcare and law to pro- vide resources and counsel to other deathcare profes- sionals regarding daily op- erational conflicts, form and contract reviews, valu- ations, regulatory matters, and assistance in risk man- agement. Lemasters serves as cremation coordinator, trainer and advisor for IC- CFA’s cremation education program, special cremation legal counsel, co-chair of the Government and Legal Affairs Committee, writes a legal column for ICCFA Magazine and speaks at numerous ICCFA educa- tional conferences. “We cannot thank Bob enough for all his years of service dedicated to the ICCFA,” said ICCFA pres- ident Jay Dodds. “Beyond the work for our associa- tion, his contribution to the funeral and cemetery profession is immeasur- able and we truly thank him and wish him the best of luck. We are also excited for Poul to take the reins of our government and legis- lative work as well as the general counsel duties for the association.” Founded in 1887, the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association is the only in- ternational trade associa- tion representing all seg- ments of the cemetery, cremation, funeral and memorialization profes- sion. Its membership is composed of more than 9,100 rooftop locations and 20,000 profession- als in the cemetery, funer- al home and crematory industries, as well as sup- plier and related businesses worldwide. Send Us Your News! PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 Fax 1-800-321-9040 Email FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS We welcome news of the industry! At t e n t i o n A ssociation O fficers :