July 2019

Page B24 JULY 2019 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on Black with Kona Leather, Loaded with Options 53,000 miles, Power Everything. Extremely Clean 2016 Cadillac ESCALADE Premium Package Silver with Black Top, only 17,000 miles, Factory Warranties, Built in Urn Carrier, All Wheel Drive, Navigation Lease for $1,095.00 Plus TTL FBL00721 2015 Federal Coach Lincoln MKT “STRATFORD” Hearse Dark Blue, with Only 33,000 miles, Very Clean, Factory Warranties, Strobe Pkg, Extend a Sill, Built In Urn Carrier, Great Looking Car Lease for $1,119.00 Plus TTL E9500279 2014 Eagle Coach Cadillac XTS “KINGSLEY”Hearse Silver with Only 16,000 miles, Very Clean Set up for Removals, Made to Last Forever!! Lease for $549.00 Plus TTL G3103700 2016 K2 Coach Mercedes Metris “ONYX” Hearse All Black with only 19,000 miles on it, Factory Warranties, Teardrop Side Window, Skylight, Extend a Sill, Strobe Pkg. Lease for $1,169.00 Plus TTL E9500522 2014 Eagle Coach Cadillac XTS “ECHELON” Hearse All Black with Only 32,000 miles, Fantastic Condition. Table Extension, Flag Staffs, Stainless Crown Band, 4-way Strobes, XM Radio, Portable Urn Carrier Lease for $1,085.00 Plus TTL D9500335 2013 S&S Coach Cadillac XTS “MEDALIST”Hearse All Black with Only 21,500 miles on it, LIKE NEW Lower Rocker and B & C Pillar Stainless, 9 Spoke Wheels One Owner Car, Awesome Condition PRICE $36,900 SPECIAL $33,000 BU600155 2011 Superior Coach Cadillac Six Door Limousine Dark Blue, and in FANTASTIC SHAPE. A Real LOOKER!! Loaded , Urn Carrier, Flag Mounts, Lower Rocker Chrome Strobe Package, Extend a Sill, XM Radio PRICE $36,900 SPECIAL $33,000 AU50026 2010 Eagle Coach Cadillac “ULTIMATE” Hearse All Black with Only 36,000 Miles, VERY WELL MAINTAINED Extend a Sill, Chrome Wheels, Lower Stainless, XM Radio. THIS IS A CHERRY OF A CAR, just Wonderful Condition. PRICE $37,900 SPECIAL $33,500 AU500230 2010 Eagle Coach Cadillac “ULTIMATE” Hearse All Black with Only 19,000 miles, LIKE NEW CONDITION All Wheel Drive, Navigation, Built In Urn Carrier, Back Up Camera, XM Radio, Stainless Crown Band, Flag Mounts & Staffs . Lease for $1,170.00 Plus TTL DBL57344 2013 Federal Coach Lincoln MKT “STRATFORD”Hearse Silver on Silver with Very Low Miles, Extremely Clean Factory Warranties, All Wheel Drive, Navigation Lease for $1,125.00 Plus TTL GBL00662 2016 MK Coach Lincoln MKT “LEGACY” Hearse Black with Only 16,000 miles, LIIKE NEW, Factory Warranties, Strobes, Flags, Full Chrome Pkg. Back Up Camera Lease for $1,149.00 Plus TTL F9500261 2015 Platinum Coach Cadillac XTS “PHOENIX” Hearse All white, this is an Extended Chrysler Hearse, Full Size Partition, Full Casket Floor, Stainless Steel Crown Band Great Looking Hearse, Very Functional and Easy to Drive PRICE $16,900 BR780906 2011 Prestige Coach Chrysler Hearse Price $46,850 - Financing Available GR108227 All Black, “Two Hearses in One” Traditional Style Hearse and a Window Hearse All In One. Removable Side Panel allows you to change the look of the hearse to fit your needs. #K9500542