June 2020

Page B8 JUNE 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on B COVID-19 INDUSTRY RESPONSE mymortuarycooler.com Are you state compliant? Join us in November for our annual Fall Conference & Trade Show • November 9-10 • The JW Marriott Hotel • Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana • Check it out at cfsaa.org! For funeral and cemetery suppliers, business has never been more isolating. Often ideas are done in a vacuum. What you know is only what you know, which limits how far you can go. IMSA membership can change that. We’ve brought together some of the top industry experts to offer our members free one-on-one advice on marketing, business planning, legal issues and more. We also bring to our members insightful business-boosting webinars, meaningful trade resources and networking with other IMSA members. All this for just $175 a year. We’re the only association serving all funeral and cemetery suppliers. Because what’s good for the suppliers is good for the providers and that’s good for the families. IMSA. Supplying opportunity. Who Supplies the Suppliers? IMSA members now get free consultation with Dan Katz & Rolf Gutknecht of LA ads, Jake Johnson of Johnson Consulting, Ryan Thogmartin of Disrupt Media and Poul Lemasters of Lemasters Consulting. www.IMSA-Online.com Clear View Caskets ® Launches line of Viral-Protection Products COVID-19 INDUSTRY RESPONSE OREM,UT— Domani announces that in an effort to help funeral homes and families during the COVID-19 crisis, they are offer- ing 60 days of Domanicare, at no charge, to firms that sign up through the end of June. Co-founder and CEO Jon Lefrandt spoke about the decision saying, “During these un- certain times, Domani is committed to helping funeral homes stay connected with their after- care families. During this time of isolation and social distancing, outreach is more meaningful than ever. With Domanicare, funeral homes add a personal touch and help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and aren’t able to be surrounded by friends and family.” Domanicare also includes free access for families to Domani for Grief. An online grief support platform with dozens of cours- es to help individuals navigate their grief during a time of loss. To learn more about Domanicare, the award winning text message-based af- tercare program, or to get started, visit www.thedomanigroup.com /60-days or con- tact Samuel Ashby 480-298-7655. There are no long-term contracts and Domani- care is a month-to-month service. Funeral homes may cancel at any time. Domani to Provide Free Aftercare during COVID-19 Crisis FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Tell them you saw their Ad Desk/Countertop Shield Aviation Passenger Shield Facial Shield Driver Shield The COVID-19 Reception and Desk Shields are extremely successful in providing full protection and are custom-made to fit specific spaces. The option of adding a cor- porate logo has been in great demand. All of the shields are fully washable and reusable. The Clear View Caskets ® company, founded years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Ran- gel Fernandez, uses engineering technol- ogy, high-precision robotic machinery, highly trained personnel, and only the best materials to manufacture all of their products, which they make by hand in Miami, FL, resulting in a tasteful and un- forgettable product each time. “Not only have we been able to donate and help our local community of nurses and other front line workers, but we also have played an active role in launching our economy forward by creating items of first necessity for funeral directors, em- balmers, and families during this most tragic virus,” said Andrea Fernandez, co- founder. “Working so closely with our funeral home customers across America, who are now friends, brings me great joy and pride,” said Rangel Fernandez, co- founder. For more information visit www. clearviewcaskets.com, email info@clear- viewcaskets.com, or call 305-699-7410. MIAMI,FL— Clear View Caskets ® has been ex- tremely successful providing closure during this pandemic for families holding closed casket ser- vices across the country. The beautifully designed transparent casket is the only casket in the market that allows families to view their loved one once more. From drive-by and virtual viewings to pri- vate personal viewings prior to cremation, Clear View Caskets ® has been the company many have been grateful to find. Due to COVID-19, often- times open casket services are not allowed. Clear View has been able to make a difference for so many families multiplying their sales and export- ing caskets nationally and internationally. Clear View Caskets ® is proud to introduce a new line of viral protection, including facial shields, desk/ countertop shields, driver shields and aircraft passen- ger shields. These innovative products are under pat- ent pending status at the U.S. Patent Office. Thanks to their innovation and creativity, the company has maintained their employees and kept their doors open literally 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The COVID-19 Facial Shield by Clear View protects essential employees who are risking their lives daily, including our heroic first responders, people in the food industry, medical personnel, and our beloved funeral directors and morticians who expose themselves to great risk as they pre- pare the bodies for their final resting place. Of course, they are also designed for family members with medical conditions, expectant moms, beauty technicians, and anyone in need of the best pro- tection while leaving their house. The Face Shield covers the entire face from forehead to below the chin and ear to ear with a clear polycarbonate cov- ering, protecting users from coming into contact with other’s respiratory droplets.