June 2019

Page B4 JUNE 2019 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on Mills Floral Company Launches New Line of Funeral Home Décor Packages DULUTH,GA— Mills Floral Com- pany, a family-owned and operated wholesale/importer/distributor of decorative items for the home and floral market, is proud to announce their new line of funeral home dé- cor packages. With this new line of décor packages, Mills Floral will help paint an end of life image for the families of the deceased and brighten the dark corners of a funer- al homes’ entrance, visitation areas, and chapels. The Mills Floral décor pack- ages include vibrant green box- wood topiaries, balls, wreaths, ca- thedral frames, urns and more! The first impression of your space will have a lasting impact on the families you serve. As times have changed, services don’t receive the number of flower pieces as in years past. Mills Floral is here to help by providing their design packag- es as well as design advice to cre- ate comforting and inviting spac- es. Supply to a family as a courtesy for using their facility or rent to a family and generate additional rev- enue by turning one of their pack- ages into a rental package. Katherine Sloan with Phillips- Robinson Funeral Home in Nash- ville, TN was impressed with the finished look in the funeral home and loved the warmth that was added to the spaces with the addi- tion of Mills Floral packages. “While updating our 90-year- old funeral home, Mills Floral not only helped create a warm and in- viting entrance; they brought life back in the dark corners and fresh décor options for our Celebration of Life services.” Mills Floral Company is a fami- ly-owned and operated wholesale/ importer/distributor of decorative items for the home and floral mar- ket. First drawing from growers in California, Oregon and Washing- ton, and then quickly expanding to suppliers in The Netherlands, Israel, Latin America, the Philip- pines and China, the groundwork for Mills Floral Company was es- tablished. The company was in- corporated in 1989. Mills Floral Company still retains those same family-oriented values of hones- ty and integrity that have stood the test of 30 years in business. To learn more and see more photos, check out their Prezi presentation by visiting https://prezi.com/view/ PijlXjlTJYbPpY6Mo34J. The urn includes two platinum accents, a single green, hand-painted shamrock on the underside, and a Celtic knot on the lid and base. It is also factory stamped “Made in Ireland” on the bottom. Celtic knots have long been associated with the de- ceased. Comprised of one continuous line, these knots are looped to have no start or finish. They have been found in ancient burial sites in Ireland. It is thought that they symbolize eternity or how life and eternity are interconnected. The 205 cubic inch urn is currently available for pre- order from Shiva Shade. For more information about the urn, or to pre-order, contact Irwin Maltz at 516- 665-8323 or email sales@shivashade.com. First-Ever Belleek Porcelain Cremation Urn Coming Soon from Shiva Shade Continued from Page B1 Wilbert Introduces Unique “Circle of Life” Urn BROADVIEW,IL— The Circle of Life is a new and unique cremation urn offered by Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. With a round shape sym- bolizing earth and eter- nity, the Circle of Life urn is aesthetically pleas- ing as well as functional in that it is 100 percent biodegradable. “The Circle of Life urn originates in the vision of being universal and conveying hope,” said Michael Devaney, merchandising manager at Wilbert. “We are proud to be the exclusive North American provid- er of this Swedish-made urn and feel that it will be a choice for families looking for an eco-friendly yet dis- tinctive product.” A beautiful white butterfly on a magnet adorns the urn but can be removed and saved as a treasured keep- sake. A silk ribbon in a choice of six colors can be per- sonalized to capture the essence of a loved one. The Circle of Life urn is available through Wilbert Licensees or on www.WilbertDirect.com. SPRINGFIELD,OH— The Champion Company an- nounced that it is intro- ducing the Champion 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distri- bution) Kit to simplify pre- paring bodies due to med- ications, drug overdose, refrigeration, poor distribu- tion and discoloration by providing a variety of arte- rial chemicals in one kit. “We designed the Cham- pion 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distribution) Kit to sim- plify preparation for those embalmers who are looking for more natural appearanc- es for cases involving drugs, drainage, or distribution is- sues. The kit is designed to work with your choice of ar- terial fluid and includes easy to follow instructions all in one box. The chemicals are designed to work together and provide a more natu- ral appearance and neutral- ize the effects of drugs on the body during the em- balming process,” said Paul Bauman, vice president and general manager of The Champion Company. “Many embalmers say drug overdose, medica- tions, refrigeration, poor distribution, and discolor- ation preparation can be difficult and often require a wide variety of specialty products to treat properly,” said Bauman. Embalmers that have tried the Champion 3D Kit have found it effective and easy to use. “I used the kit on a 55 year old female who weighed approximately 160 pounds and died of COPD. She had been treated with steroids and was discol- ored. I used the 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distribution) Kit to treat her. No issues with drainage and removed clot effectively. I was a little con- cerned with firming, but firmed well after second gal- lon. Very pleased with re- sults overall! I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to the way our bodies look and over the past 20 years I’ve used a lot of different fluids from a lot of different companies. I’m very com- fortable with the Champi- on fluids that I’ve used and would recommend this kit to others,” said Brian Neal- ey of Logan Funeral Home and Chapel. The Champion 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distribu- tion) Kit contains: Co-Inject Beta Factor, a pre/co-injec- tion that allows near com- plete clearing of capillaries while enhancing distribu- tion, drainage and clearing; pH-A Water Activator and Conditioner that produc- es better internal cosmetic staining results and neutral- izes acidity in water and in tissues; and the Di-San San- itizing Enhancement, which enhances sanitation and penetration while increasing firming action. Champion is the leading manufacturer focused exclu- sively on embalming solu- tions. With a full line of spe- cialty embalming products for difficult cases as well as general embalming products, Cham- pion is the right choice for all embalming needs. To learn more about the Champi- on 3D (Drugs, Distribution, Drainage) Kit, visit www. thechampioncompany.com/ product- catalog/kits /3d.html or call 800-328-0115. Champion Provides Embalming Solution by Offering a Variety of Products in One Kit (800) 4-HEARSE FuneralVan.com 4 more info visit: