April 2018

NEWS APRIL 2018 Fam i l y Own e d a n d Ope r a t ed S i nce 1974 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY P O B o x 5 1 5 9 Yo u n g s t o w n O H 4 4 5 1 4 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 1 - 7 4 7 9 O n l i n e a t www . n o m i s p u b l i c a t i o n s . c o m P r e v i o u s l y P u b l i s h e d a s t h e Y B N e w s • S t i l l t h e P l a c e f o r Yo u r N e w s ! Classified Ads Shipping Directory Index of Advertisers Dallas Institute of Funeral Service President Announces Retirement after 38 Years of Service ICCFA to induct Paul Elvig into Hall of Fame ICCFA Educational Foundation to Honor Tom Flynn All are invited to a President Retirement Open House Reception at Dallas Institute on Sunday, May 6, 2018 from 2:00-5:00 PM to celebrate. Call 214-388-5466 for more information. James Shoemake James Shoemake, president of the Dallas Institute of Fu- neral Service has announced his retirement from the college. Shoemake joined the college in 1980 as an instructor, served as president since 1992 and will be retiring in May 2018. Shoemake was himself a 1976 graduate of Dallas Institute, known then as Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science . During his studies he commuted while in- at Dallas Morticians Service until taking an instructional position at Dallas Institute in 1980. Having always enjoyed teaching others, he saw the opportunity to teach Hu- man Anatomy as terrific. He also had the opportunity to teach Public Health, Chem- istry, Funeral Directing and terning at the Christian Funeral Home in Decatur, TX where he remained after earning his license. In 1978, he re- turned to Dallas where he served as manager and embalmer Small Business Management over the years. In 1981, he started graduate school at the University of Texas at Dal- las. There he earned his master’s degree in 1984. In Feb- ruary 1992, with the announced retirement of long-time The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) will honor Paul M. Elvig with its prestigious Hall of Fame Award during their 2018 Con- vention and Exposition. The induction ceremony will take place during the Closing Banquet. Elvig is the retired general manager of Evergreen-Washel- li Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Seattle, WA. He Paul M. Elvig was elected ICCFA president for 2007-2008. Paul also served in many capacities in ICCFA through the years including as secretary, and as fundrais- ing chair for the ICCFA PAC where he singlehandedly raised tens of thousands of dollars for the association’s political action committee. He was the ICCFA’s “go-to” witness who testified on many occasions before the Fed- eral Trade Commission, house and senate congressional com- mittees, and most memorably on the 60 Minutes television show where he was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Currently, Elvig continues to chair the ICCFA state association and regulation subcommittee. The Hall of Fame award is the ICCFA’s highest honor. It was created to honor those people who have demonstrated unselfish service and outstanding contributions to the IC- CFA, to the cemetery, funeral, cremation or memorialization service profession, and, ultimately, to the public. Since its cre- ation in 1965, it has been awarded to only 34 individuals. Tom Flynn with his grief therapy dog, Soloman Professionals may recognize Tom Flynn as a regular at- tendee of International Cemetery, Cremation and Fu- neral Association (ICCFA) educational events, often ac- companied by his grief therapy dog, Soloman . But Flynn is much more than a familiar face. He is the creator of the fa- mous Avenue of 444 Flags and the War on Terror Vet- erans Memorial , and placed the first Canine Compan- ions for Independence grief dog into his funeral home. His dedication to honor those who have died in the name of freedom and teach future generations of the high price of that freedom, is a testament to his vision, morale code and character. “Tom Flynn is such a nat- ural to be honored and cele- brated based on his lifelong mentoring and educating of so many individuals in our profession,” states Jim Price, president of the ICCFA Educational Foundation. The Educational Foundation’s Lasting Impact Award will be presented to Flynn at a special reception during the ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition. The Last- ing Impact Award is presented annually to an individu- Continued on Page A31 Continued on Page A42 1-888-792-9315 100% American Made Mortuary Coolers & Equipment BOOTH #241 www.americanmortuarycoolers.com Visit our website www.nomispublications.com L ike Us On Facebook! L ook for E xhibitor N ews T hroughout G o “A ll I n ” ICCFA Annual Convention A pril 18-21, 2018 L as V egas , N evada E xpo F loorplan P age A33