January 2021

Page B6 JANUARY 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B I imagine I’m not alone in this, but 2020 was the worst year of my 65 years. I’ve had my share of difficult years in the past though, losing both parents, divorce, unemploy- ment, among other things. Before you think I am a callous jerk, my mother suffered from Alzheimer’s for several years and her passing was a blessing. My dad was on dialysis the last few years of his life and hated it. My first marriage hap- pened more because of where we were in our lives. All of our friends were getting married and it seemed like the thing to do. I barely knew myself at that age and in reality, I knew Mike Jamar is founder and co-owner of Advanced Integration Technology. Mike has been working with computers since the early 80s and started Advanced Integration in 1994. Advanced Integration specializes in Internet inventories designed for specialty vehicles and equipment. HearseHub was created through a collaboration between Advanced Integration and Nomis Publications, and is now in its fifth year of service. HearseHub brings together funeral vehicles from a number of dealerships that specialize in high quality funeral vehicles. HearseHub offers funeral directors a large, and easy to shop inventory, of funeral vehicles. You can reach him at Mike@AITAdvantage.com. FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS www.nomispublications.com Monthly Columns online at By Mike Jamar Your Source for High Quality Funeral Vehicles very little about the woman I married. Fifteen years later we both realized we were nothing alike. We could either continue traveling down the very bad road we were on or start over. We both agreed starting over was the wiser op- tion. It has proven to be a blessing for both of us. Some- times starting over is not a failure, but a new beginning. Perhaps I haven’t had that many bad years, but nonethe- less 2020 has still been the worst of them. Here is some of what I am looking forward to in 2021: • Having our extended family over without worrying about getting COVID-19 or passing it on. We do have grandchildren, so we’ll probably pass around colds and other minor ailments, but we’ll bear up. • Meeting friends out and no one worried about get- ting COVID-19. • Going to our neighborhood bar and grill, or any bar and grill/restaurant and not having to wear a mask. • Getting out of the car, walking halfway to wherever I am going and remembering I don’t have my mask and not going back for it. I will never get used to wearing a mask. • My wife and I jumping in the car on a Saturday af- ternoon and driving through rural areas and stop- ping in small towns along the way. This may seem boring to some, but every small town has a life and a personality. Some are boring, but you find some that are very enjoyable and sometimes unforgettable. • Going to the local car shows. I just want normalcy again and maybe that is the blessing of 2020, the realization that our normal every- day life is a blessing and the realization of how easily it can be taken away. I hope you have many things that you’re looking for- ward to in 2021. May they all come true and may we all get back to boring old normalcy. The Blessing of 2020 L ook W hat Y ou C an F ind on H earse H ub 1937 Cadillac Meteor Hearse. It is 95% origi - nal. It is black with carved wood sides. It has the original hood ornament, lighting, and rear interior. The 1938 LaSalle flathead 8-cylinder engine had been rebuilt and runs very smooth. Check it out on HearseHub.com. Mr. Otis H Smith, Jr . of O. H. Smith & Son Funeral Home recently took delivery of new 2019 Cadillac Feder- al Heritage and Kensington hearses. O. H. Smith & Son is one of the oldest mortuary firms in the East End of New - port News, Virginia. The business started in 1933 and con - tinues to prosper today. The hearses were delivered by Jerry Small of Bill Black Cadillac in Greensboro, NC. Featured Dealer: B i ll B l ack C adi ll ac Greensboro, North Carolina MADISON HEIGHTS, MI— Mopec, a leading pro- vider of high-quality pathology, anatomy, mortuary and necropsy equipment and products, is now offering the Guardian Cold Storage Container System, an all-inclu- sive and temporary solution for morgue capacity issues. “Unfortunately, the country continues to see surges in COVID-19, which has resulted in capacity issues at hospitals, morgues and funeral homes,” said Jay Troger, CEO of Mopec. “The Guardian Cold Storage system is an immediate solution to capacity challeng- es, provides humane storage of decedents and helps keep workers safe.” Available for monthly rentals, the Guardian Cold Storage system sits at ground level for easier loading and unloading and comes with stainless steel racks and trays, body bags and a battery-powered body lift. glasses/goggles, face shields, and other PPE items. “Our passion is bringing people and possibilities togeth- er by creating partnerships,” says Deborah Andres, presi- dent and CEO of PNP-NA. “Our team’s 25 plus years of combined experience and our global networks allow us to offer customized solutions at competitive prices.” Other products available through PNP-NA include: EPA-approved disinfectants, cleaning supplies, and dis- posable gloves; and memorial keepsakes and urns. In addition, the PNP-NA team leverages its industry experience and knowledge to provide consulting services that help businesses realize their growth potential includ- ing: business planning and strategy; project management; and event, convention, and trade show services. Formed in 2020, PNP-NA is the Americas entity of par- ent company Pelican and Partners, Ltd. (PNP) and was established to expand business and resource integration in the Americas and its regions. PNP-NA provides busi- ness solutions for death and medical care professionals, emergency management professionals, entrepreneurs, ed- ucators, and clothing and apparel manufacturers around the globe. Visit https://www.pnp-na.com for more in- formation. For a free product quote, contact PNP-NA at https://www.pnp-na.com/contact or contact Kellie Schilling, vice president, at 414-687-8876 or email Kel- lie.Schilling@pnp-na.com. Newly Formed PNP North America Offers Consulting Services and Products to Death Care Professionals MIAMI,FL— PNP North America (PNP-NA) is proud to announce the launch of its new company, created to provide cost-effective products, project management and consulting for death care, medical, and educational busi- nesses. Available products include an array of personal protec- tive equipment items such as customized reusable and disposable gowns, aprons, and coveralls, face masks, FPP2 respirators, gloves, head and shoe covers, safety Mopec Guardian Cold Storage Container System Now Available The systems are electrically powered and can be deliv- ered in 3-5 days. “We know that every community is dealing with unique challenges, and we are working to design cus- tomizable solutions that meet their needs,” said Troger. “While we all hope COVID-19 numbers start to de- cline, the reality is that there are likely long months ahead. This is the time to examine community trends to ensure preparedness for worst-case scenarios.” The Guardian Cold Storage Container System is the latest addition to Mopec’s Guardian Systems line, de- signed to meet COVID-19 response needs. The Guard- ian System line also includes the MAXAIR CAPR® Se- ries of powered air-purifying respirators, the portable and scalable MERC remains cooling system and Safe View Body Bags. Mopec’s experienced team of professionals is available to provide customized emergency preparedness, mass fa- tality response and surge capacity products and servic- es in support of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic The company’s recently published whitepaper The Future of Mass Fatality Preparedness provides valuable insight and guidance on preparedness best practices. To access the whitepaper or learn more about Mopec’s products and services, visit Mopec.com. 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