January 2020

Page A9 JANUARY 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A Church & Chapel Metal Arts, Inc. www.church-chapel.com | (800)-992-1234 | Info@church-chapel .com BODY POSITIONING Sampson “One Man”Hydraulic Body & Casket Lifter CB 7760SQ 1000 Pound Capacity! 1000 Pound Capacity! Chapel Furniture | Funeral Home Supplies | Urns Family Owned and Operated Since 1933 2616 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60612 ALUMINUM NAME PLATES Large Body Positioners CC 10134 $99 set/3 Made from High Density Polyethylene Small Body Positioners CC 10132 $145 set/5 Made from High Density Polyethylene Angelus Prep Block CC 10121 $26 ea. Made from High Density Polyethylene Soft Touch Headblock CC 10126 $39 ea. Sticks to table like rubber Wedge-Ease CC 10128 $90 pair Sticks to table like rubber Hydraulic Scissor Lift CE CP 1000 Styrofoam Headblock CC 10127 $1.85 ea. Case of 36 FEATURED ITEMS White Casket Flag Band CC 1950 $9.50 ea. AMERICAN SOLID HARDWOOD URNS Regency Chapel Set BEST PRICE IN INDUSTRY FOR SOLID HARDWOOD URNS EXCLUSIVE TO CHURCH & CHAPEL AND ITS REPRESENTATIVES MAHOGANY, CHERRY, OAK, WALNUT AVAILABLE IN MOST STYLES MANY DIFFERENT APPLIQUES AND ENGRAVING OPTIONS BODY LIFTING CHAPEL FURNISHINGS Redneck Light Bulbs CB 100 $19 (Other Colors available) Casket Facial Lamp CB 645 $215 Wood Reserved Seat Signs $18 13 Different Chapel Sets to Choose From! Regency Devotional Set Memorial Display Tray/Child Casket Bier Combo ALUMIN ME PLATES 4 ” Block - Chrome Finish 3” Block - Gold Finish 3” Script - Polished Bright Finish 3” Slant - Polished Bright Finish 2” Block - Polished Satin Finish 2” 2 Line Plate - Polished Bright Finish Available in polished or satin standard finish. There are many custom styles, including bright chrome and brass plated name plates available for an extra charge.  Stock Finish - Polished Bright & Lacquered  Slant Style Font available at no additional Charge  Plates sold in pairs 2” Block, Standard or Slant $8.50 per letter Max 21 letters & spaces per plate 3” Block, Standard or Slant $11.50 per letter Max 13 letters & spaces per plate 4” Block, Standard or Slant $12.50 per letter Max 11 letters & spaces per plate Above prices are per letter, per plate. Minimum charge per plate $100.00 Double line plates are priced per letter - at 2 times the longest line. 50% upcharge for Script Style letter. Upcharge for brass or chrome plating $75.00 per plate, per line. PHONE: 773-489-3700 FAX: 773-489-3434 800-992-1234 800-626-3299 info@church-chapel.com • www.church-chapel.com The Original BodyLifer MADE IN USA CCU 482 CCU 483 CCU 454 CCU 481 CCU 464CX CCU 402 Replacement Body Straps CB 5404-4 Casket Lift Supports CB 4900-2 Casket Veils Pink/Blue/White/Beige 1/2, 3/4, Full Couch