January 2020

Page A7 JANUARY 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A C&J is number one in Service, & Resources, & Speed, & Results, & Funding, & Confidence, &Word-of-Mouth, & Clients. & You In the world of insurance assignment funding, we proudly hold a very special place. At the top. Not just in the number of funeral home & cemetery clients served (twice as many as our next nearest competitor), but also in the dollars we pay out every year, in the ease & speed of delivery, in the level of personal service provided every single client, & in the high regard held by leaders in the profession. All that said, the real Number One for us is...you! You’re the reason we’re here &we aim to prove that to you day in & day out. CJF.com | 800.785.0003