January 2020

NEWS SECTION B JANUARY 2020 Fam i l y Own e d a n d Ope r a t ed S i nce 1974 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY P O B o x 5 1 5 9 Yo u n g s t o w n O H 4 4 5 1 4 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 1 - 7 4 7 9 O n l i n e a t www . n o m i s p u b l i c a t i o n s . c o m P r e v i o u s l y P u b l i s h e d a s t h e Y B N e w s • S t i l l t h e P l a c e f o r Yo u r N e w s ! The Flow™ Ice Urn V ischer F uneral S upplies (717) 453-4028 (800) 752-8767 Email vischerfuneralsupplies@yahoo.com ** Your Authorized Ferno Washington Distributor ** Got Questions or Need Help? Text us at 717-503-9838 For the Complete Ferno ® Line and More Please Visit Our New Website at www.vischerfuneralsupplies.com Ferno ® ... Time Tested • Quality • Innovation • Experience Ferno ® 101-H Hydraulic Operating Table BEST PRICE $ 3,995 00 Lowest ferno ® Prices guaranteed Industry Leading 1000 lb. Ferno ® Mini Maxx Mortuary Cot BEST PRICE $ 2,675 00 Why Buy Imports? BEST PRICE $ 900 00 Ferno ® Model # 87 Church Truck All 5 Colors Available Emitte Liquid Candles Call and Save Mackenzie Urn Vaults Classic Cultured Marble ONLY $ 96 00 Flozone Air offers Natural Pure Air The Living Urn ® Receives the Exclusive U.S. License for the Patented Ice Urn LUTZ,FL— Rick Szymanski, Rainy Day Mill- er, and Christen Kalwarczyk are excited to an- nounce the opening of Flozone Air in Lutz, FL. Rick, Rainy, and Christen have a combined 16 years of experience and can provide a prov- en system to rid odors and pests, including the pesky crypt fly, also known as the phorid fly. Flozone Air has created a gen- erator that sends out billions of atoms that attack phorid flies, killing them within days. When odors, mold or viruses make con- tact with ozone they are destroyed completely by oxidation. That extra atom of oxygen is con- sumed and leaves fresh odor free oxygen, with- out the use of chemicals. In- stallation is easy. The units can be programmed to run at night of- fering fresh, clean air in the morning. Flozone Air manufactures and Continued on Page B6 GREENWOOD VILLAGE,CO— Biolife, LLC, the developer of The Living Urn® and its leading eco-friendly Element Bio Urn® line, is excited to announce that it has obtained the exclusive license from Memoria, a progressive funeral home group based in Montreal, to pro- duce and market its patented Flow™ ice urn in the United States. This unique urn is made entirely from ice and floats while gradually melting and dispersing cremated remains gracefully into the water. Flow™ was designed by Diane Leclair-Bisson for the Memoria Col- lection and received the Gold Award for Design Society and Silver Award for Eco-Sustainable Design at the Europe- an Product Design Awards. It was also granted the Consumer Product Award at the Core77 Notable Design Awards. Mark Brewer, Biolife’s president com- mented, “We’re extremely excited to partner with Memoria to provide the Flow™ ice urn to families through- out the United States. Flow™ is visu- Continued on Page B5 ally stunning with a truly breathtaking presentation and returns the ashes of a loved one back to nature in the most ecologically pure way. We believe this unique and beautiful option will change the conversation in the funeral industry and quickly become a leading memorial for families interested in a water burial or scattering ashes in water.” Brewer continues, “Our goal is to de- velop and offer unique cremation urns that help families create memorable and meaningful memorial experienc- es. We started with The Living Urn®, which has quickly become the leading biodegradable urn and planting system that allows families to plant a memo- ry tree with ashes. We then introduced proprietary eco-friendly BioUrns® in- cluding burial urns, scattering urns for both land and water, as well as in- door planter urns. The Flow™ ice urn is a perfect complement to our existing urn line and makes it easy for families 64” ARC UMBRELLA ALL FIBERGLASS WINDPROOF EMBROIDERY & SILK SCREEN AVAILABLE 1.800.522.5743 Contact us today for colors and a free quote! Minimum order of 6. Other sizes and styles available in quantities. bkumbrella@hotmail.com • www.bkumbrella.net