January 2020

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Head to Las Vegas this winter for the Cremation Association of North America’s annual Cremation Sympo- sium. The stage is set for February 26-28 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, and CANA has booked a glittering cast of cremation experts for a riveting education and net- working extravaganza. This year’s theme is CANA’s Got Talent—placing the unique skills of funeral industry professionals squarely in the spotlight. In this compe- tition, everyone wins, with inspiration- al business ideas and practical takeaways crafted for immediate implementation. Choose between two CANA-hosted CANA’s 2020 Cremation Symposium: Cremation Takes Center Stage John Baker Lindsey Ballard Darren Crouch Grace Griffin Bill Hermann Judith Stapley and Elisa Krcilek Lori Salberg Mitch Smith Sam Upton and Rod Wood Wendy Wiener and Bill Williams News Association ContinueD events to set the stage on February 26, 2020! Back by popular de- mand, the Art of Selling Cremation 3: Preneed Summit sets your preneed program up for success. Or join us for the first CANA Cre- matory Operations Certification Program™ (COCP™) of 2020. Sam Upton and Rod Wood will kick off the Preneed Sum- As the Symposium opens on February 27 th a line- up of rock stars will share how to build a successful cremation business, motivate staff, and connect with consumers who are interested in the products and services you offer. Bill Hermann is a nationally tour- ing and highly sought-after Wedding Entertainer and Master of Ceremonies. He brings his show-stopping talents to emcee the Symposium, demonstrating the possibilities for an unforgettable Celebration of Life in 500 Weddings and a Funeral. CANA Supplier Members take the stage for The Supplier Showcase: Tips and Tools to Help You Shine in the Workplace. These industry pros will provide practical, easy to implement strategies and solutions so you can do what you do best—serve families with the highest degree of professionalism and compassion. Lori Salberg shows you how to share the spotlight by Developing a Collaborative Growth Culture. Re-invig- orate your organization by fully engaging employees and improving the performance of the business overall. Not to be upstaged, CANA Members showcase the strategies that set their businesses apart from the crowd and appeal to consumers in search of distinctive care. In Marketing with Flair, Lindsey Ballard facilitates a presentation where attendees don’t just talk market- ing. They’ll share actual successful attention-grabbing materials and the strategies behind them so you can develop your own winning campaign. The closing number jumps the shark with Green Fu- nerals: Best Practices and Solutions. Learn to captivate the crowd with best practices, innovative solutions, and successes in the green funeral field via insights provided by Grace Griffin and Darren Crouch. Join your colleagues center stage and get a break from the winter doldrums with a trip to Vegas! Visit over 40 exhibitors with fresh ideas and innovative so- lutions. The program offers 7hours of CEUs approved by the Academy. The complete program schedule, a video preview and registration information is avail- able at www.gocana.org/cgt or by calling the CANA Box Office at 312.245.1077. Founded in 1913, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is an international organi- zation of over 3,300 members, composed of funer- al homes, cemeteries, crematories, industry suppliers, and consultants. CANA members believe that crema- tion is preparation for memorialization. consultants. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for memorialization. Experiences at Every Touchpoint. These simple, small changes make a significant impact on your customers’ experience. Judith Stapley and Elisa Krcilek help you avoid the buzzer with lessons on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Preneed Funeral Planning. Learn best practices for pre-need sales and avoid these situations in the first place. Play to your audience by resolving The Great Debate: Trust vs Insurance with Wendy Wiener and Bill Williams. Create a show-stopping preneed sales program. In a grand finale, John Baker shows you The Business Value of Preneed with lessons from current research and case studies. mit by walking you through the important steps in the development and creation of a meaningful prospect list from scratch in Guaranteeing Leads for Your Sales Team. Nail your pitch with coaching from Mitch Smith on Crafting Remarkable Customer PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 Fax 1-800-321-9040 Email info@nomispublications.com FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS We welcome news of the industry. 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