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4 Children’s Caskets, still in crates. Miscellaneous Curtains, used in Home Layouts. 2 Kneelers. 1 Candle Set. 2 Torchiere Lights with shades. Old Embalming Instruments. Trifold Embroidered Room Divider. Located in Pittsburgh area. Can send photos upon request. Email

The “Marsellus Hand Made Masterpiece” by the (Original) Marsellus Casket Company in Syracuse, NY
The M700 has been said to be the “Rolls Royce” of caskets in the Funeral Industry. However, their distribution was small and one thing led to another (it’s a long story) but their intangible assets were acquired by Batesville Casket in 2003. Batesville does manufacture Marsellus Caskets but I’m not sure how they do their job. If you know of a Handmade Marsellus Casket and their history then you know how they were constructed. This one has a 22-ounce solid bronze liner with the glass top on the liner. I would say that there aren’t many  of these Masterpiece Caskets left for the public. Most of this type of merchandise would be in museums, just like the wonderful  National Casket Company Deposits. This “Masterpiece“ is as strong if not stronger than a modern day casket. The production of this Marsellus was 1971.

If you have any questions, please call 954-647-6655.

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